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Those with established professional reputations who are registered to practice their professions where such requirements exist, or persons who are employed outside of architectural practice but are involved in positions allied to the field of architecture.

Individual Allied members may include engineers, planners, landscape architects, sculptors, muralists, artists, and others in government, education, journalism, manufacturing, industry and/or other fields allied to architecture.

National Allied membership is at the national level only. For local or state allied or affiliate membership, contact the nearest AIA component.

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Membership in AIA signifies that you adhere to a professional code of ethics and share a common goal to build a better world for all people and is important to clients, peers and partner architecture firms.

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Instantly connect with 95,000 architecture professionals and develop new contacts, opportunities, skills and influence through networking, continuing education, mentoring and leadership opportunities.

AIA KnowledgeNet gives you access to the collective knowledge of thousands of members, a space to conduct discussions, find best practices and meet other design professionals.

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Members receive discounts on AIA Contract Documents, the most widely accepted standard form documents in the industry, prepared by the AIA in collaboration with owners, contractors, attorneys, architects and engineers to help you conduct construction-based business efficiently and effectively.

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Shape your strategies with AIA research and market intelligence. And take your career and/or firm to the next level with AIA’s practice tools and resources.

Take advantage of insurance and financial programs—plus a host of free practice tools and resources—all designed to meet the needs of individuals and small firms and available to AIA members through the AIA Trust.

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Pay your dues in up to six monthly installments with our Dues Installment Program. Enrollment begins October 1, 2020 and is available through April 30, 2021.  Learn more >

Tax deductible dues statement

For state and federal income tax purposes, payments to the AIA and its components are generally deductible as trade or business expenses—except for the percentage spent on lobbying federal or state governments. Consult a tax professional to determine the appropriate tax treatment of your dues.

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