About the AIA

Driving positive change through the power of design

Who we are

We are a community of over 90,000 members, with national headquarters in Washington, DC and over 250 chapters worldwide. We are passionate about driving positive change through the power design.

What we do

We empower architects and design professionals to do their best work.

Together, with our members, we advocate for the value of architecture. We share the value that architects—and good design—bring. We inspire and educate the industry by offering hundreds of courses each year. We promote diversity in design, in the profession and in the workplace. And we collaborate with innovative partners to create and offer new resources to help our members work smarter and better.

What we believe

Architecture is everywhere.

It is the homes where we live and the places our children go to school. It is hospitals, museums, stadiums, offices, factories and stores.

It shapes our lives and communities. It helps us be healthy, stay safe, work smarter, play together and dream big.

It touches every one of us. And, it has the power to change the future.

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