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Membership gives you access to a vibrant network of professionals, an online selection of courses, opportunities to shape public policy issues important to the built community and critical business and career resources. Our global community shares a passion for design, a conviction it matters and a commitment to improving lives through the built environment. Wherever you live, wherever you practice and wherever you are in your career, an AIA membership is a necessity.

Membership designed for you

  • Architect: Open to architects licensed by a US licensing authority. Learn more >
  • Associate: Open to individuals with a professional degree in architecture, those working under an architect’s supervision or enrolled in the Intern Development Program and on a path to a license. This category is also open to faculty members working in university architect programs. Learn more >
  • New graduate associate member: Graduates are offered complimentary AIA membership for up to 18 months. Eligible are individuals who graduated from an NAAB accredited program within the past 18 months or those working under the supervision of an architect. Learn more >
  • International associate: Open to international architects licensed by a non-US licensing authority. Learn more >
  • Allied member: Open to professional colleagues and design enthusiasts. Learn more >

Member benefits

Community: With over 90,000 members and more than 260 chapters membership gives you immediate entry into a global network with practical resources across local, state, national and international areas. Showcase your talent through more than 30 award programs. Enjoy meaningful discounts on everything from coursework to bundled pricing for easy-to-use documents and contracts.

Education: Members have access to classes taught by leaders in the field through AIAU, the group’s online university. The courses provide an accessible way to earn continuing education requirements and give graduates a way to meet licensure requirements. The annual AIA Convention and a host of conferences open valuable venues to share and network.

Resources: AIA becomes your voice in important legislative and regulatory issues working through federal, state and local governmentsefforts that help architects and design professionals protect their livelihood.

For a closer look at our global network, its professional resources and exclusive discounts, browse the complete list of benefits.

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