Join the AIA 2030 Commitment

We created the AIA 2030 Commitment to streamline and simplify your path to a carbon-neutral built environment. It’s a consistent national framework with simple metrics and a standardized reporting format that helps you evaluate the impact design decisions have on an individual project’s energy performance.

We provide tools, support, education, data and analysis to help you improve your expertise and your bottom line. You’ll also join a growing group of firms, from sole proprietors to large, multinational firms, at the forefront of sustainability.

Signing onto the AIA 2030 Commitment and tracking your progress is easy. Here are five steps to get started and stay on track.

Step 1

Visit the Design Data Exchange (DDx) and fill out the join form. The form will require basic information about your firm and a signed commitment letter from firm leadership.

Step 2

Within six months of signing the commitment letter, conduct firm engagement related to the 2030 Commitment, create a Sustainability Action Plan, and upload it to the "my account" page in the DDx.

Guidance on creating a Sustainability Action Plan can be found here. The Sustainability Action Plan serves to meet the following purposes:

  • An actionable, firmwide strategy for developing sustainable design best practices.  
  • A measurement framework with a continual focus on evaluation, adaptation, and improvement.  
  • A long-term planning tool to ensure ongoing alignment of values, goals, and practice.  
  • An information-sharing platform that enables you to communicate your firm’s value to your clients and peers.

Step 3

Endeavor to meet 2030 energy reduction targets across every project as a deliberate part of design.

Step 4

Within the first year and each year thereafter, report progress of your firm’s entire design portfolio toward meeting the 2030 goals by tracking projects in the Design Data Exchange (DDx). The reporting window closes annually on March 31. The intent is to document a snapshot of your entire design portfolio at least once every year and can be done in parallel with the design phases.

Step 5

Review how your reporting and practices are tracking with your firm's Sustainability Action Plan. Update your Sustainability Action Plan once every three years, reflecting on the progress shown by your reporting.

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