Data-driven market intelligence tools

Better CMD data to improve your business

Insight and Plans + Specs from Construction Market Data are two private project market intelligence tools designed to make your strategic decisions easier and more profitable.

Market forecasts, lead generation, project costs, hiring projections—it’s the insight you need and it is free for AIA members.

Data makes the difference


When it comes to market intelligence data, quality and quantity matter and CMD Insight has both.

Insight tracks nearly 800,000 projects across the United States and Canada, offering market-specific data developed for AIA members:

  • Search for new leads and projects up for bid
  • Sort by region, type or size of project, materials and more
  • Share customized visual reports with colleagues and clients
  • Ask other architecture and design professionals about their projects
  • Free for AIA members

Collaboration and networking on your level

Plans + Specs

Surface high-value opportunities for possible collaboration. Input your own information and tap into a wider network of potential partners. Pre-qualify prospects and firms that work best for you.

It is all available with Plans + Specs.

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