MasterSpec for AIA members

The only specification resource you need

MasterSpec® is the industry-leading building and construction specification resource.

With more than 900 master guide specifications, it is the most comprehensive and trusted collection across architecture and design.

These specifications are written by professional specifiers, architects, and engineers, rigorously reviewed by top specification experts, and updated regularly to keep pace with industry changes.

AIA members receive a 10 percent discount on a MasterSpec license, which includes:

  • 16 practice-specific libraries, including small projects and historic preservation
  • sustainable design information including LEED 2009, LEED v4, Green Globes, IgCC and ASHRAE 189.1
  • access to a suite of specification automation tools—from MS Word plug-in to BIM integration
  • access to cloud-based manufacturer and product resources

MasterSpec is an AIA product, published by AVITRU.

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How MasterSpec helps you

With MasterSpec, AIA members get:

  • specifications for projects of all sizes, types and phases
  • 900 sections organized into 16 specialty libraries, with new  sections added every year
  • detailed specifier tips, instructions and decision-making tools
  • extensive background research, including product characteristics analysis, application considerations, sustainability discussions and other supporting documents
  • the only formal peer-reviewed process in architecture and engineering specifications
  • unbiased manufacturer, product selection and research tools
  • information on specific sustainable design schemes
  • 10 percent discount on a MasterSpec license

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