MasterSpec® for AIA members

The only specification resource you need

MasterSpec® Powered by Deltek Specpoint® is the industry-standard product research and specification resource for the design professional and their firm. This powerful resource is exclusively developed by Deltek, a strategic partner of AIA.  

With more than 900 master guide specifications covering more than 7,000 products, it is the most comprehensive and trusted collection across architecture and design.

MasterSpec is the only product selection tool that provides the design professional unbiased, objective information on building products written by professional architects and engineers, and vetted by AIA-sponsored architectural and engineering review committees.

Sustainability and BIM content

If you need current product data coordinated with sustainability and BIM content, MasterSpec has you covered with regularly updated content, industry-leading sustainability content and integration, and the industry’s only dedicated BIM-to-Spec Revit connector and integrations.

AIA members receive a 10% discount on a MasterSpec license, which includes:

  • subscription-based access to up to 16 practice based libraries, with an average of 400 plus sections updated annually
  • sustainability language and requirements for LEED v4, Green  Globes, and the IgCC, with ongoing support and updates
  • close coordination with AIA Contract Documents
  • detailed background information on products, application and use considerations, as well as specification and drawing checklists

To learn more about MasterSpec and take advantage of the AIA discount on MasterSpec, please contact Deltek.

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