Houzz Site Designer

Every month, more than 25 million people check Houzz for help with building, remodeling or design projects.

Houzz connects homeowners with architects and designers and helps you move from initial contact to client, with streamlined communication every step of the way.

Houzz offers a host of features designed to help you build your business:

  • Find and communicate with clients and collaborators.
  • Use ideabooks to save and share concepts and new creations.
  • Build your own free, customized website with Site Designer.
  • Access the concierge portfolio service—the Houzz team will upload your project photos and create your profile.
  • Get local support in setting up and maintaining your profile.
  • Add AIA's national badge and your chapter badge to your profile, so homeowners can see that you are a member.

Establish your online presence for free

Turn your Houzz profile into a customizable website for free with Site Designer.

Easily alter your site’s theme, colors, fonts and more and publish project photos, reviews and content instantly to desktop and mobile. Houzz experts are on hand to help you set up and optimize your site.

If you're short on time, Houzz also offers a concierge service exclusively to AIA members: They will upload what's needed to create your profile or your website.

Houzz is for professional collaboration, too

More than 1 million+ home and design professionals use Houzz to find potential collaborators and communicate with colleagues. You can also sign up to receive invitations to networking events in your area.

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