2030 Commitment resources

When you join the 2030 Commitment, you get access to resources, courses and easy-to-use tools to help improve your energy performance and your practice.


Design Data Exchange (DDx) help pages

Find all the details on how and what to report for the 2030 Commitment. Go now >

Peer-to-peer mentorship program

If you are either interested in being a mentor or getting paired with a mentor we can match you. Fill out this form >

Case studies

See how the 2030 Commitment is making an impact in firms of all different sizes and project types. Read more >

Integrated Energy Modeling Guide

Learn more about process, tools and how the results relate to potential design decisions. Read more >

Deep Energy Retrofit Guide

Learn more about this promising market sector and how you can participate. Read more >

Five ways to achieve high-performance buildings through energy modeling

An energy modeling lead at CallisonRTKL offers five tips on using energy modeling in your next project. Read more >

AIAU courses

AIA+2030 Online Series Courses

This series will inspire architects to meet the 2030 Challenge through design strategies, efficient technologies and systems, and applying renewable energy resources. Take the courses >

The 2030 Palette: Applications, Methods, Guidelines and Resources for the New Built Environment

Get an introduction to the free, online tool that helps in sustainable planning and building. Take the course >

Architecture 2030: Reducing the Built Environment’s Impact on Climate Change

Find out how the 2030 Challenge fits into both worldwide and project design goals. Take the course >

The Good, the Bad and the EUI (Energy Use Intensity)

Understand and use the EUI and see how it fits into the 2030 Commitment tools. Take the course >

Deep Energy Retrofits and the Architect's Role in This Emerging Opportunity  

Find what you need to add deep energy retrofits to your practice and portfolio. Take the course >

Energy Modeling for All: 2030 Commitment for Small Firms

See how the 2030 Commitment benefits small firms. Take the course >

Designing to an Energy Budget: Focus on Small Firms and Projects

Concentrate on case studies, methodologies and software for energy modeling for small firms and projects. Take the course >

High Performance Design Optimization and Decision Making

Focus on case studies about high performance design, particularly in tall buildings. Take the course >

Tools from collaborating organizations

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