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Project delivery methods change in response to economic trends, environmental concerns, and technological advances. Skill in project management and leadership increases in importance as projects become more complex and more integrated. Research in practice, quality management, use of technology, and understanding of the regulatory environment are ways in which architects manage complexity and improve effectiveness.

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Project management manual offers guide for success: A project management manual is intended to guide project managers. The manual should be flexible enough to suit individual styles in meeting the objectives of project management. Regardless of the firm’s success in marketing services, designing sound and aesthetically pleasing works, and honing technical skills; we are doomed to failure without sound management of our projects.

Alternative service delivery methods: Design-build is just one of the service delivery methods that can replace the traditional design-bid-build method. A number of other alternatives present an array of risk/reward opportunities for architects, including construction manager at risk, project manager, construction agent, and architect as consultant.


Building information modeling and the transition to integrated project delivery: AIA Trust and CNA explore how the move to an integrated, parametric, and object-based system should lead to dramatic changes in design and construction, and, possibly, compensation and risk allocation for the parties involved in a fundamentally altered project delivery system.

Integrated project delivery: A guide: Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is a project delivery approach that integrates people, systems, business structures and practices into a process that collaboratively harnesses the talents and insights of all participants to optimize project results, increase vales to the owner, reduce waste, and maximize efficacy through all phases of design, fabrication, and construction. The free AIA Contract Document IPD Guide provides a tool to assist owners, designers, and builders to move toward integrated models and improved design, construction, and operations processes.

Case Studies

Integrated project delivery: Case studies 2010 (PDF): These projects show the successful application of IPD in a variety of building types and scales and in diverse regions of the country. Each case study features a completed building project that used Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) in as pure a form as possible.

Integrated project delivery: Case studies 2012 (PDF): This revision of the 2011 report is focused on project activities that lay the foundation for collaborative practices in IPD.  It documents case studies with a wide range of team experience—from teams with quite a bit of IPD experience to those who are using their project as a learning experience. Unique to this report is the opportunity to study projects from early phases through completion.

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