2020 AIA Annual Meeting

The AIA 2020 annual meeting will be called to order at 1pm (ET) on September 1, 2020, and will be conducted by electronic communication (virtually).  Find everything delegates will need to participate in the 2020 AIA annual meeting, plus information on accreditation, voting, and candidate speeches.

2020 Candidates for National Office

Candidates declared by Feb, 17, 2020, were invited to make speeches at AIA Grassroots 2020 in New Orleans, and to provide updated statements in August 2020.  Browse candidates and speeches below. If you are having trouble accessing any candidate speeches, have a question regarding accessibility features, or wish to obtain written transcripts of speeches, please contact Pam Day, Hon. AIA, at pday@aia.org.

2021-2023 At-large Director (one will be elected)

Jeffrey S. Ferweda, AIA (AIA Flint/AIA Michigan)  

Ferweda speech one >  Ferweda Speech two >

Ryan J. Gann, Assoc. AIA (AIA Chicago/AIA Illinois)

Gann speech one>  Gann speech two >

Kevin Harris, Assoc. AIA (AIA Seattle/AIA Washington Council)

Harris speech one >  ​Harris speech two >

Belinda J. Stewart, FAIA (AIA Mississippi)

Stewart speech one >   Stewart speech two >

2021-2022 Secretary

Edward A. Bernard, AIA (AIA Atlanta/AIA Georgia)

Bernard speech one>  ​ Bernard speech two >

Brian J. Frickie, AIA (AIA Northern Virginia/AIA Virginia)

Frickie speech one >  Frickie speech two >

William R. Turner Jr., AIA, LEED AP (AIA Colorado)

Turner speech one >   Turner speech two >

2021 First Vice President/2022 President-elect

Daniel Stephen Hart, FAIA (AIA Austin/AIA Texas Society of Architects)  

Hart speech one > Hart speech two >

Edward A. Vance, FAIA (AIA Las Vegas/AIA Nevada)

Vance speech one > Vance speech two >

Annual meeting, accreditation, and voting


Online accreditation of delegates will open at 9am (ET) on July 1, 2020, and close at 5pm (ET) on August 14, 2020.

AIA 2020 Annual Meeting

The AIA 2020 annual meeting will be called to order at 1pm (ET) on September 1, 2020. The meeting will be conducted by means of electronic communication (virtually).  Delegates will be able to participate in the proceedings of the meeting by means of such electronic communication in a manner that will be disclosed directly to delegates following accreditation. The agenda will include adoption of the rules of conduct for the meeting; call for nominations from the floor; report of the Credentials Committee; report of the Resolutions Committee; report of the Institute’s financial status; and reports from the AIA President and others as time permits. Time is also reserved for a “town hall,” allowing for delegates to speak on matters of interest.  

No amendments to the Institute Bylaws will be under consideration, and no resolutions are scheduled for consideration, during this year’s annual meeting.

2020 Official Delegate Information Booklet >

Regional Caucuses

Regional caucuses will take place by electronic means (virtually) on September 2, 2020. Details will be published in the Official Delegate Information Booklet.

Voting for Candidates

Voting for candidates will be conducted by electronic means.  Voting will open at 5pm (ET) on September 2, 2020, and close at 5pm (ET) on September 4, 2020. In the event of a runoff for the office of Secretary, voting will open at 7pm (ET) on September 4, 2020, and close at 5pm (ET) on September 8, 2020. Results will be announced on September 8, 2020.

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