Recruitment and Retention


Attracting and retaining talent is vital for every firm and the profession as a whole. Given the importance of keeping quality employees, this guides outlines how to emphasize equitable practices during recruitment and retention. It covers how inequity affects employees, how to improve quality of life and address pinch points in the workplace, and ways to assess hiring and promotion bias and microaggressions.

Learn how to maintain a diverse workforce and compliance with laws governing recruitment and promotion. This guide includes concrete steps individuals and firms can take to increase fairness, build healthy pipelines, and boost retention.


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Improving equity

Disabilities in the Workplace: Recruitment, Accommodation, and Retention - Linda Davis - AAOHN Journal (July 1, 2005)

Detailed guidance and resources for employers seeking to employ and retain workers with both temporary and permanent disabilities.

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Diversity in the Profession of Architecture Executive Summary - AIA (2016)

Summary of perceptions of factors that affect the choice of architecture as a profession, job satisfaction, and retention.

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How Can Architecture Schools Increase Diversity? - Melinda D. Anderson - Curbed (2017)

Recommendations include increasing diversity of faculty, providing mentorship and inclusion programs that support students, addressing cost concerns, and partnering with local schools to increase the visibility of architecture as a career option.

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Identifying & Interrupting Bias in Hiring - Bias Interrupters

Resources include a worksheet that lists common bias types, how they arise in hiring, and how to prevent their influence; and a guide on structuring the hiring process to prevent bias at all stages.

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In Search of a Less Sexist Hiring Process - Harvard Business Review (2014)

An overview of why women are less likely to be hired than equally qualified men and how businesses should adjust hiring practices to be more inclusive.

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re:Work Guide: Hiring - Google

Covers aspects of hiring, including recruiting, reviewing resumes, and interviews; offers suggestions for making the hiring process fairer for candidates with different backgrounds and ways to improve the experience for job candidates.

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Scholarships and Career Resources for Architects of Color - Patrick Sisson - Curbed (2018)

List of programs working to help increase diversity in architecture; includes youth, college-level, and professional organization resources and programs.

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16 Architects of Color Speak Out About the Industry's Race Problem - Asad Syrkett, Tanay Warerker, and Patrick Sisson - Curbed (2017)

Interviewees discuss barriers they have faced as architects of color at all levels and offer recommendations to improve the diversity in the profession.

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Employee engagement

EQxD Metrics: Finding the Right Fit - Annelise Pitts - Equity by Design (2017)

Survey results from 2016 show the perception of workplace-culture fit by different groups in architecture. Fit is identified as the most determinant factor in why people stay or leave a job.

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The Formula for a Winning Company Culture - Tim Wolock and Chris Martin - Payscale (2016)

Identifies key factors for retention and improving employee satisfaction.

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Measuring the Meaning of Meaningful Work: Development and Validation of the Comprehensive Meaningful Work Scale (SMWS) - Marjolein Lips-Wiersma and Sarah Wright - Group and Organization Management (2012)

Provides a multi-dimensional scale for measuring meaningful work.

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Overcoming the Implementation Gap: How 20 Leading Companies are Making Flexibility Work - Duesen, James, Gill, McKechnie - Boston College Center for Work and Family (2007)

Offering flexible work is a way to increase recruitment and retention. This report outlines five steps for developing and implementing a flexibility policy and case studies of companies who offer flexible options.

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