How can you ensure the negotiation process is collaborative, imbued with trust, and produces satisfying solutions for everyone involved, while maintaining equity? This guide outlines skills architects can develop to act inclusively and equitably during negotiations.

Learn how to act more equitably and ethically in building a healthy workplace, negotiating compensation on behalf of yourself or your firm, and navigating conflict. This guide includes ways to assess compliance with laws and how organizations fare in building equitable negotiation skills and integrity.


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Negotiation basics

How to Negotiate Salary: Learn the Best Techniques to Help You Manage the Most Difficult Salary Negotiations and What You Need to Know When Asking for a Raise

Detailed guidance for successfully navigating employment terms.

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Negotiation gap and double standards

Do Women Avoid Salary Negotiations? Evidence from a Large Scale Natural Field Experiment - National Bureau of Economic Research - Andreas Leibbrandt and John A. List (2012)

Studies have shown that women are less likely to initiate negotiations unless a job listing specifically notes that the pay is negotiable. Indicating that negotiation is allowed is one way to attract more diverse employees.

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Getting the Short End of the Stick: Racial Bias in Salary Negotiations - MIT Sloan Management Review - Morela Hernandez and Derek R. Avery (2016)

Review of both gender and racial differences in salary negotiation. A study on how white versus black job applicants negotiated as well as the effect of the biases, expectations, and perceptions of the employers on the results of the negotiations. Proposes ways companies can address racial bias in negotiations.

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No Salary Negotiations Allowed - SHRM - Joanne Sammer (2015)

Explains the pros and cons of implementing a no-negotiation policy for hiring; includes alternative options to ensure an equal playing field for negotiation.

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Social Incentives for Gender Differences in the Propensity to Initiate Negotiations: Sometimes It Does Hurt to Ask - Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes - Hannah Riley Bowles, Linda Babcock, Lei Lai (2005)

Investigates gender differences in willingness to initiate compensation negotiations and outcomes, including differing perceptions of men and women who initiate negotiation.

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Harvard Law School Program on Negotiation

Downloadable free reports on a range of relevant topics, including negotiation skills, salary negotiation, BATNA, business negotiations, deal making, conflict resolution, and mediation.

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Negotiation Skills - Queensland Government

Lists tips and strategies for negotiation and lays out the process for a negotiation, including how to proceed when a negotiation fails.

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Negotiation Advice for Women - Lean In - Ashleigh Shelby Rosette

Series of four videos with tips on how to approach a negotiation, including both general advice and tips for counteracting the specific stereotypes that women face in negotiating.

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Women's Leadership Edge

A wide array of tools to help organizations support, advance, and retain women, with parallels in engineering and law.

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