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You love to create. You want to help people. You would make a great architect.

Architecture is about building places that are not only functional, but also good for the environment and good for the people who use them.

Think about your school. An architect decided where to put the windows, how high to make the ceilings, and even the best route from your classroom to the cafeteria. They made sure you had a solid roof over your head, but also a welcoming space.

As an architect, you get to:

  • Turn your ideas into buildings that last for generations.
  • Design a better world by creating welcoming spaces that make people happy and healthy.
  • Build spaces that are good for the earth and address important issues like climate change.
  • Use both art and science skills.

Discover more about how architects make a difference - and how you start on your career path today.

Students: Getting started

K-12: Take classes in arts, sciences, and math. Ask your guidance counselor about summer discovery programs for students. Outside of school, visit architects in your area and ask for a virtual tour of buildings in your town.

College: Study architecture and earn your degree so you have the skills you need to design the spaces of tomorrow.

After college: Once you have a degree, you can work with a licensed architect through the Architectural Experience Program. To obtain your own license, you will need to pass the Architect Registration Examination. Then you're ready to work!

Learn how you can get college scholarships and help paying for licensing exams through AIA and the Architects Foundation.

How adults can help

The world needs creative minds driving its growth, but many young people don't know much about architects. AIA chapter leaders, practicing architects, teachers, counselors, and parents are teaming up to change that.

Coordinate visits or participate in virtual career fairs at schools around the country so practicing architects can answer questions, share their experiences, and generate interest in a career in architecture.

To explore other resources, turn to your local AIA chapter. For further assistance, please email us at

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