America votes, AIA builds

By AIA Staff, November 3, 2020

Building a healthy America

AIA’s commitment to helping our members advance their fundamental oath to protect the health, safety, and welfare of everyone, everywhere is a matter of principle.    

Even as we wait for the results of this election, we want to ensure that AIA’s priorities are clear as we come together and turn our thoughts to the future. AIA is focused on advancing the profession’s leadership role in climate action, advocating in support of a future economy that leads to a more prosperous future for our nation, and meaningfully addressing systemic racial injustice in the profession and in society. Our focus is unwavering in the pursuit of these values.    

Architects work with clients and allied design professionals and construction partners to improve the built environment in a $1 trillion sector that accounts for almost 6% of the economy. Construction alone accounts for 13% of the world’s GDP.  

AIA is taking action to ensure that buildings consume less energy, use only renewable energy sources, and contribute power back to the energy grid. AIA’s goal is to eliminate all building carbon emissions by 2040 and create a future built environment that improves equitable development and prepares communities to thrive in the face of massive changes.  

In addition, AIA is working to ensure that the built world is instrumental in achieving equity and justice for people of color, women, and the economically disadvantaged.  

Our priorities are based on policy objectives, not partisanship, to encourage lawmakers to join hands and work together for the good of the American people.  

Lastly, to our members: civic leaders need to hear your voice. You are part of the largest, most influential design organization in the world. We are 95,000 members strong, and together, we must share our expertise with community leaders to reach our shared goals of a more sustainable, equitable, and resilient nation.  

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American architecture stands as a testament to our unique place in the world. Our architects work at the leading edge of a $1T construction industry that promotes commerce and drives consumer confidence. Architects have always dared to reach higher and set new standards. Our next architectural achievements will be measured by how well they respond to a post-pandemic world, eradicate inequity, fuel economic recovery, eliminate carbon emissions, and nurture individual and community health.

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Laying the foundation for the future economy

While a near-term recovery is front and center in AIA advocacy efforts, AIA is also advancing an economic policy platform that focuses on the future.


Climate leadership to achieve net zero

Architects have long been advocates for sustainable design. The use of adobe building material in the Southwest and stone to weather the cold winters in northern climates are two examples of environmental design that have been around since before the Industrial Revolution. In its climate platform for 2020, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) calls for its members to lead the industry in sustainable practices.

Jane Frederick, FAIA, op-ed

As our profession’s leading voice in the United States, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) is focused on advancing architects as an indispensable resource in the climate crisis fight, and a trusted ally on issues of racial injustice – while pursuing solutions at the real-world intersection of these two critical priorities. Both issues demonstrate how architects can make a difference one structure at a time.