AIA commits to advancing justice through design

Published: December 11, 2020

The Board of Directors adopts the following Statement of Position:

Statement of Position

In its commitment to human rights, the American Institute of Architects opposes the design and construction of spaces intended for indefinite or prolonged solitary confinement as a violation of human rights. In making this statement, the AIA and its members:

  • remain committed to working with their clients to promote criminal justice reform and rehabilitation, guided in part by positions taken by the International Red Cross, the United Nations, and other human rights organizations;
  • remain focused on design solutions to promote rehabilitation to address issues impacting recidivism such as mental health, health care, housing, education, and employment; and
  • strive to ensure that the physical needs, health, dignity, and human potential of all those who come in contact with the justice system are respected and given the opportunity to flourish.  

Note: The AIA Board will be updating this statement to also address Rule 1.40: “Members shall not knowingly design spaces intended for execution.”

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