Honors & Awards: Integrating the Framework for Design Excellence

June 1 2017 Webinar - Sustainability

In 2019, the AIA adopted the Framework for Design Excellence as the set of guidelines and requirements to assess project performance. It offers a holistic approach to address the interdependence among people, buildings, infrastructure, and the environment. The Framework for Design Excellence provides the elements that support this vision during submittal evaluation across the portfolio of AIA Honors & Awards.

For a detailed breakdown of the different measures included in the Framework, please visit the Framework for Design Excellence.

Integrating the Framework

While both people-based and project-based Honors & Awards benefit from contextualizing a submittal in relationship to the Framework, it is with projects where requirements are extensive and detailed to help support a thorough evaluation and supports the strategic goals of AIA that the Framework upholds.

Different awards specifically aligned with the Framework so that the characteristics of the submitted project can be addressed flexibly and holistically. For specific details of the requirements applicable to each award, please visit the AIA Honors & Awards.

Typically submitted projects do not need to address all the measures included in the Framework, but they do need to highlight how they perform its context and highlight relevant narratives and metrics when applicable.

Typical Submission Requirements

A baseline of technical requirements has been identified for projects across different awards programs. This technical report is used as an indicator to help support the jury assessment of the program. The technical baselines derive from the 2030 Commitment, COTE Top Ten Awards technical assessment tools, and other resources.

This baseline of metrics helps provide a technical report that supports the evaluation of the submitted project.

Projects are also required to provide narratives, including an overview, specific award requirements, and contextualization of the project across key elements of the Framework for Design Excellence.

The requirements are reviewed annually based on feedback, pertinent topic updates, and consultation across AIA staff.


Framework for Design Excellence and AIA Honors & Awards (pdf) >

Next Steps

The implementation and use of the Framework for Design Excellence across Honors & Awards programs is an ongoing process aligned to support AIA's values and strategic goals. Feedback is encouraged annually as cycles are completed. Such information can help ensure its relevance, accuracy, and ease of use. For additional information, comments, or questions, please reach out to: honorsawards@aia.org.

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June 1 2017 Webinar - Sustainability

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