This Justice Equity Diversity Education Advocacy Guide

This JE | DI Advocacy Guide is intended to provide a development pathway for firms looking to advance diversity in design, in our professions, and in our organizations. This document provides guidance and examples for each category of action, from acknowledgment to adaptation. The continuum proposes strategies for progressive engagement, resource partners, and additional programs to consider.

In the field of architecture, diverse perspectives and voices are critical to design excellence. When such viewpoints are missing, the impact can be far reaching and long-lasting, and can negatively affect the future of our profession. Acknowledging that an equitable design process is key to continuing to advance underrepresented populations, AIA LFRT member firms must lead by example. We must work diligently to advocate for the changes in firm culture, design process, and engagement that will improve our profession, our communities, and the planet.

Each firm should focus on continuous improvement to advancing diversity within the profession, beginning with using data to measure current positions and opportunities for action. In progressing along the continuum from “building a foundation” to “elevating” to “demonstrating excellence,” firms must address multiple aspects of diversity in practice and design, seek new avenues for engagement, and pursue systematic change. The resources within this guide are examples; the framework and pathway for each firm may be unique. Focusing in on a few key aspects in the beginning provides progress that firms can use to champion this initiative, leading to greater success within the industry.

AIA LFRT member firms will commit to the principles outlined in the Advocacy Guide by signing the JE | DI Commitment.

This JE | DI Advocacy Guide reflects the shared values of all of the member firms.


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(Prepared by AIA Large Firm Round Table JE | DI task force)

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