AIA Public Awareness Campaign 2017: Blueprint for Better

In recent years, the AIA has conducted research with both architects and the public. The research showed there is tremendous respect for the profession of architecture, but the public isn't always aware of what architects do or how their work affects society. The truth is, in partnership with their clients and communities, architects plant the seeds that blossom into stronger neighborhoods, towns and cities. That's a story we want to tell.

In our efforts to educate and work with the public, we have launched a campaign that shines a light on the powerful impact architects and their work has on their communities and society. Part of this effort includes the sponsorship of HGTV Urban Oasis 2017 in Knoxville, Tennessee, the annual film challenge, and the AIA members.

Read below to learn more about how we're getting the word out and how you can become involved.


This inspirational ad focuses on the role of architects as agents of positive social change and communicates the values that guide AIA. Distributed across TV, digital, and social channels, the commercial will inspire audiences to learn more about the positive impact architects make in their communities. The ad launched in May 2017 and is airing on HGTV and Hulu in the spring and fall.

I Look Up Film Challenge

The third annual I Look Up Film Challenge invites architects and filmmakers to collaborate to bring architectural stories to life. This year’s challenge called for films that highlight projects and architects that are helping to change communities for the better. The film challenge is designed to garner maximum engagement and encourage quality content based on the campaign’s concept: Blueprint for Better.

Midtown. A Blueprint for Better.

Created to launch the I Look Up Film Challenge in May, the documentary short “Midtown. A Blueprint for Better.” uses compelling interviews and imagery to tell the story of a firm and a project that’s had a positive impact on its community. Distributed across digital and social channels, the documentary provides inspiration to participants in the I Look Up Film Challenge.

Get involved

There are many ways to engage and maximize the impact of the campaign this year.

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Blueprint for Better Public Awareness

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