AIA elevates 102 members to the College of Fellows

AIA fellowship recognizes significant contributions to the profession of architecture and society.

WASHINGTON – Feb. 26, 2021 – The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is elevating 102 member-architects to its College of Fellows, an honor awarded to members who have made significant contributions to the architecture profession.

The fellowship program was developed to elevate architects who have achieved a standard of excellence in the profession and made a significant contribution to architecture and society on a national level. Prospective candidates must have at least 10 years of AIA membership and demonstrated influence in at least one of the following areas:

  • Elevated the aesthetic, scientific, and practical efficiency of the profession;
  • Promoted the science and art of planning and building by advancing the standards of architectural education, training or practice;
  • Coordinated the building industry and the profession of architecture through leadership in the AIA or other related professional organizations; or
  • Advanced the living standards of people through an improved environment.

Fellows are selected by a seven-member Jury of Fellows. This year’s jury included Chair Nancy Rogo Trainer, FAIA, Drexel University; Mary Johnston, FAIA, Johnston Architects, LLC; Rebecca Lewis, FAIA, DSGW Architects; Steven Spurlock, FAIA, Quinn Evans Architects; RK Stewart, FAIA, RK Stewart Consultants; Allison Williams, FAIA, AGWms_studio and Anna Wu, FAIA, University of North Carolina.

The newly elevated members and their AIA component affiliations are listed below. For complete details and images, visit the fellows directory.

  • Joshua Aidlin      AIA San Francisco      
  • Robert Anderson      AIA San Francisco      
  • Sherif Anis      AIA Middle East      
  • William Ayars      AIA Cleveland      
  • Illya Azaroff      AIA New York Chapter      
  • Thomas Barrie      AIA Triangle      
  • Nancy Blankfard      AIA Minneapolis      
  • Philip Bona      AIA San Diego      
  • Caryn Brause      AIA Western Massachusetts      
  • William M. Brown III      AIA Newark & Suburban Architects      
  • Benjamin Cahoon      AIA Eastern North Carolina      
  • Rudolph Cardenas      AIA Triangle      
  • Steven Cecil      Boston Society of Architects/AIA      
  • Rocco Ceo      AIA Miami      
  • Mina Chow      AIA Los Angeles      
  • Deborah Cooper      AIA San Francisco      
  • Brian Court      AIA Seattle      
  • John Crandall      AIA Newark & Suburban Architects      
  • Heidi Creighton      AIA Los Angeles      
  • Stefani Danes      AIA Pittsburgh      
  • Jeffrey Dugan      AIA New York Chapter      
  • Arthur Dyson      AIA San Joaquin      
  • John Ellis      AIA San Francisco      
  • Laura Ettelman-Gunter      AIA New York Chapter      
  • Allison Ewing      AIA Central Virginia      
  • Karen Fairbanks      AIA New York Chapter      
  • Billie Faircloth      AIA Philadelphia      
  • Kathleen Frazier      AIA Central Virginia      
  • Brian Frickie      AIA Northern Virginia      
  • Kathleen Galvin      AIA Central Virginia      
  • Thomas Greving      AIA Iowa      
  • Michael Halflants      AIA Tampa Bay      
  • Jayesh Hariyani            
  • Keith Hempel      AIA Long Beach/South Bay      
  • Julie Hiromoto      AIA Dallas      
  • David Hollenberg      AIA Philadelphia      
  • Norman Hong      AIA Honolulu      
  • Michael Hsu      AIA Austin      
  • Jeffrey Huber      AIA Fort Lauderdale      
  • Brian Hurttienne      AIA Detroit      
  • Diane Jacobs      AIA Phoenix Metro      
  • Brad Jacobson      AIA San Francisco      
  • Edward Jones      AIA Phoenix Metro      
  • Neal Jones      AIA Phoenix Metro      
  • Linda Keane      AIA Chicago      
  • David Keith      AIA Hampton Roads      
  • Robert Kelly      AIA Philadelphia      
  • Grace Kim      AIA Seattle      
  • Hilary Kinder Bertsch      AIA New York Chapter      
  • Grant Kirkpatrick      AIA Los Angeles      
  • William Kline      AIA Washington DC      
  • Thomas Kubala      AIA Milwaukee      
  • Eric Lagerberg      AIA Seattle      
  • Kenneth Lambla      AIA Charlotte      
  • Brian Lane      AIA Los Angeles      
  • Bryan Langlands      AIA New York Chapter      
  • Mohammed Lawal      AIA Minneapolis      
  • Chere LeClair      AIA Montana      
  • Evelyn Lee      AIA San Francisco      
  • Daniel Lemieux      AIA Northern Virginia      
  • Laura Lesniewski      AIA Kansas City      
  • Saundra Little      AIA Detroit      
  • Erica Loynd      AIA Seattle      
  • Deborah Lucking      AIA Colorado    
  • Mouzhan Majidi      AIA United Kingdom      
  • Michael Marshall      AIA Washington DC      
  • John Martin      Boston Society of Architects/AIA      
  • Janet Matheson      AIA Alaska      
  • Douglas McCarty      AIA East Tennessee      
  • William Melby      AIA Golden Empire      
  • Paul Mellblom      AIA Minneapolis      
  • Paul Milana      AIA New York Chapter      
  • Renauld Deandre Mitchell      AIA Chicago      
  • Richard Mohler      AIA Seattle      
  • Aaron Neubert      AIA Los Angeles      
  • John Niemuth      AIA Kansas City      
  • David Parker      AIA Connecticut      
  • David Peabody      AIA Northern Virginia      
  • Brian Phillips      AIA Philadelphia      
  • Stephen Phillips      AIA Los Angeles      
  • Donald Powell      AIA Dallas      
  • Uma Ramanathan      Boston Society of Architects/AIA      
  • Alice Raucher      AIA Central Virginia      
  • Pascale Sablan      AIA New York Chapter      
  • Hilary Sample      AIA New York Chapter      
  • James Sanders      AIA New York Chapter      
  • Cathi Schar      AIA Honolulu      
  • Rick Schneider      AIA Washington DC      
  • John Sheehan      AIA San Diego      
  • James Simeo      AIA Los Angeles      
  • Rael Slutsky      AIA Chicago      
  • Laura Stagner      AIA Philadelphia    
  • Douglas Teiger      AIA Los Angeles    
  • Scott Teixeira      AIA Washington DC      
  • Thomas Trenolone      AIA Omaha      
  • Fernando Villa      AIA New York Chapter      
  • James Walbridge      AIA Lincoln      
  • David Wallance      AIA Buffalo/Western New York      
  • Geoffrey Warner      AIA St. Paul      
  • Martha Werenfels      AIA Rhode Island      
  • Yann Weymouth      AIA Tampa Bay      ​
  • Gregory Wiedemann      AIA Washington DC  

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