Codes Advocacy Program

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Architects are primarily responsible for incorporating building code requirements into the design process. In response, we developed the Codes Advocacy Program to represent the profession and help architects influence code development and adoption.

The AIA Codes Network

Our Codes Network gives members a voice and a role in code development, adoption and interpretation. Our work includes updating and streamlining codes to ensure they protect public health, safety and welfare and encourage sustainable, high-performance buildings in our communities. The network addresses pertinent issues as they arise, disseminating important information and engaging members to advocate for their practice and the profession.

Join the Codes Network to stay up to date on the latest in codes, including webinars, model code development processes, curated content covering legislative changes, and more.

Codes advocacy

We helped establish a single set of contemporary codes, create sustainability benchmarks and continue to fight for standards that protect the health, safety and welfare of all.

We champion the development and adoption of model building codes that:

  • Include architects and the public in a consensus process
  • Arise from informed education and research
  • Are without favoritism or bias towards special interests
  • Include provisions for prompt appeals procedures
  • Are cost-effective and benefit the public
  • Privilege performance criteria

Get involved: Influence code development

Contact us to ask questions, propose changes and address your code challenges.

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code enforcement person with their clipboard on the site

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