Guide to AIA contract documents for small projects

Resources for small project practitioners, sole practitioners and custom residential architects

Information about AIA resources of interest to small project practitioners, including small firms, sole practitioners, and custom residential architects. These resources include the following:

  • selected AIA Contract Documents of particular relevance to small project practitioners
  • reference material available to download free of charge on the AIA Contract Documents Reference Material website
  • directions on where to find AIA documents in different formats, such as paper, Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format), and AIA Contract Documents® software
  • links to relevant resources on AIA KnowledgeNet and Web sites for education and training
  • contact information for assistance in purchasing AIA Contract Documents and software, technical support, and for assistance with questions about AIA document content and selection.
  • a Documents Comparison Chart that provides a quick reference of major characteristics of many documents discussed in the Guide.

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