Justice Facilities Review 2017

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Thunder Bay Consolidated Courthouse, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. ARCHITECT: Adamson Associates Architects

AIA's Academy of Architecture for Justice (AAJ) has selected ten recipients of the Justice Facilities Review awards program. Five of the recipients were awarded a Citation; the other five were selected for publication in Justice Facilities Review 2017.

The Justice Facilities Review program offers examples of a broad range of design strategies and depicts the latest trends in the design and construction of justice facilities in the United States, including the implementation of sustainable justice principles. These projects demonstrate quality of form, functionality, and current architectural responses to complex justice design issues.

For more, visit the Justice Facilities Review homepage or learn about the AAJ Sustainable Justice Committee.

2017 Justice Facilities Review

LAPD Metropolitan Division Facility

This LEED Platinum-certified police facility turns a formerly walled-off bunker into a well-researched multi-use home for the elite LAPD Metropolitan Division.

2017 Justice Facilities Review

Okanagan Correctional Centre

This facility creates a therapeutic environment for residents and embodies numerous progressive approaches to correctional facility design.

2017 Justice Facilities Review

San Francisco Public Safety Campus

Critical civic services, such as the police headquarters and a local fire station, are consolidated in this resilient structure located in an emerging district.

2017 Justice Facilities Review

Thunder Bay Consolidated Courthouse

This courthouse combines two courts into one facility, incorporating input from Aboriginal and community leaders for a modern building that recalls the past.

2017 Justice Facilities Review

University of Washington Police Department

This new facility improves visibility and vehicular access to main arterials while facilitating community engagement and reinforcing campus-wide safety.

2017 Justice Facilities Review

Dallas County Jail Medical and Mental Health Modifications

These recent renovations include separate medical and mental health clinics and establish the facility as a national model for correctional healthcare.

2017 Justice Facilities Review

Montgomery County Circuit Court

This court expertly mixes renovation and new design while prominently displaying its courtrooms as both figurative and literal pillars of the community.

2017 Justice Facilities Review

North Butte County Courthouse

Clear wayfinding and design that reflects the local culture make this modern two-story courthouse an important anchor to the new Meriam Park development.

2017 Justice Facilities Review

San Mateo County Maple Street Correctional Center

With a focus on reducing recidivism and training inmates, this facility meets the county’s needs while providing light-filled spaces and beautiful views.

2017 Justice Facilities Review

Senator Daniel K. Inouye Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency Center of Excellence

This new facility consolidates operations previously spread across three military installations, improving efficiency, productivity, and mission accomplishment.

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Thunder Bay_Shai Gil_View Northeast Corner

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