Redwood Empire Member Directory



Amy Alper, AIA | Amy A. Alper, Architect

Katharine Anderson, AIA

Michelangelo Arenales, Assoc. AIA | SOLV Architecture Studios


Rick Baker, Assoc. AIA | Rick Baker Design

Amanda Barlow, Assoc. AIA | Fairweather & Associates

Michael Barron-Wike, AIA | Michael Barron-Wike Architect AIA

Scott Bartley, AIA | Hall & Bartley Architecture

Joel Baumgardner, AIA | Baumgardner Architecture

Leroy Bean, FAIA

Charles Beavers, AIA | Brokaw Design

Blain Beckmann,  | Andersen Windows & Doors, Inc.

Paul Berger, AIA | Paul Berger & Associates

Nathan Bisbee, AIA | BISBEE Architecture + Design

Lewis Bishop, AIA

Larry Bogovich, AIA | Kitchell CEM, Inc.

Khashayar Boodjeh, AIA | K. Boodjeh Architect

Rhonda Bowen, Assoc. AIA | Peter J. Collins Architects

Obie Bowman, FAIA | Obie G. Bowman, FAIA, Architect

Jason Brabo, AIA | TLCD Architecture

Stephen Brodie, AIA | Brodie Architecture and Design

Mark Burkhammer,  | Pacific Coast Building Products

Alan Butler, AIA | TLCD Architecture


Christopher Cahill, Assoc. AIA | Cahill Studio Sonoma

Rodney Calkum, Assoc. AIA | Aquatech Consultancy, Inc.

Brad Cannon,  | Helmer & Sons, Inc.

Rene Cardinaux, AIA | Rene Cardinaux

Matthew Cardle, AIA | SOLV Architecture Studios

Kent Chilcott, Assoc. AIA | Kent Chilcott Studio

Bryan Chubb, Assoc. AIA | Quattrocchi Kwok Architects

Jason Clark,  | Pacific Coast Building Products

Michael Cobb, AIA | Studio Ecesis

Peter Collins, AIA | Peter J. Collins Architects

Victor Conforti, AIA

Mitchell Conner, AIA | ArchiLOGIX

Robert Cox,  | Tangram Landscape Architecture

Bonnie Craig, Assoc. AIA | MRW Architectural Group

Ann Crew, AIA


Larry Dashiell,  | Summit Technology Group

Mark DeBacker, AIA | County of Sonoma, Architecture Div.

Albert DeLima, AIA | Weir Andrewson Associates, Inc

Jarrod Denton, AIA | Signum Architecture

Nicholaus Diggins, Assoc. AIA | TLCD Architecture

Nicholas DiIorio, Assoc. AIA | LandPlan Company

William Dimick, AIA

Julia Donoho, AIA | Legal Constructs

John Dybczak, AIA | Quattrocchi Kwok Architects

Alison Dykstra, AIA


Sarah Emery, Assoc. AIA


Kevin Falkerson, Assoc. AIA | SYMBIOS eco-tecture

Randy Figueiredo, AIA | Tierney/Figueiredo Architects

Douglas Fitzgerald,  | Pacific Coast Building Products

William Forrest, AIA | David Baker Architects

Daniel Fowler,  | Stripe N' Seal and Aaron Paving

Angela Frey,  | A.G. Frey Company


Mark Gaxiola, AIA | Matson & Vallerga Architects Inc

Paul Gilger, AIA | Hedgpeth Architects

Eric Glass, AIA | Glass Architects

Mike Goldston,  | Pacific Coast Building Products

Kenneth Gooch, AIA | Orion Homes, Inc.

Robert Grandmaison, AIA | Santa Rosa Junior College Engineering & Applied Technology Department

Sheila Gregg, AIA | Sol Agua Terra

Gregg Grubin

Barry Grzebik,  | Grzebik Design Group

John Guill, AIA | DTR Consulting Services


Katherine Haley, Assoc. AIA | Haley Whiteside Design

John Hall, AIA | Hall & Bartley Architecture

Chelsea Hamada, Assoc. AIA | TLCD Architecture

Michelle Harris, Assoc. AIA | Axia Architects

Tina Harris, Assoc. AIA | RossDrulisCusenbery Architecture, Inc.

Brian Hartley,  | Structural Design Group

Warren Hedgpeth, AIA | Hedgpeth Architects

James Henderson, AIA | Henderson Architect

Peter Hendrickson, AIA | Peter G. Hendrickson, Architect AIA

Douglas Hilberman, AIA | Axia Architects

Gisela Hollis, AIA | Hollis Architects

Sidney Hoover, AIA | Sidney Hoover Architects

Louis Hughes,  | Portalais

Mark Hummel, AIA | Solano County

John Hunter, AIA | Design Blitz


Schuyler Jeffries, AIA

Karen Jensen, AIA | Karen Jensen Architecture

Aaron Jobson, AIA | Quattrocchi Kwok Architects

William Jones, AIA | Dwelling Resources

Philip Jones, Assoc. AIA | TLCD Architecture


Reiner Keller, AIA | Reiner Keller, AIA, Architect

Dennis Kennedy, AIA | TLCD Architecture

Mike Kiani,  | MK2 Engineers

David Kingwill, AIA | David R. Kingwill, AIA Architect

Richard Kirby

Winfield Klein, Assoc. AIA | Klein Residential Design

William Knight, FAIA | Knight Wagner Architecture, Inc.

Ralf Konietzko, AIA | Architecture Ralf Konietzko

Daniel Kozak, Assoc. AIA | Doyle Contracting Incorporated

Eric Kreager,  | MKM & Associates

Michael Kurty, AIA | Brokaw Design

Steven Kwok, AIA | Quattrocchi Kwok Architects


Jon Lail, Assoc. AIA | Lail Design Group, Inc.

Donald Larsen, AIA

Thomas Larson, AIA

M. Lawry, AIA | Lawry, M. George Architect

Debra Lennox, AIA | Debra B Lennox AIA Art & Architecture

Wayne Leong, AIA | Leong Architects, Inc

Peter Levelle, Assoc. AIA | TLCD Architecture

Keith Lew, AIA | County of Sonoma, Architecture Div.

Robert Leys, AIA | Robert Leys Architects AIA

David Luebkeman, AIA


Bennett Martin, Assoc. AIA | STRATAap Architecture

Adrian Martinez, AIA | Adrian Martinez, AIA, Architect

Bill Mastick,  | Quadriga Landscape Architects, Inc.

James McCalligan, AIA | James McCalligan Architect

Michael McCarthy, Assoc. AIA | Axia Architects

Diana Mendez, Assoc. AIA | Quattrocchi Kwok Architects

Lawrence Mitchell, AIA | L.S. Mitchell Architect, Inc.

Kenneth Moholt-Siebert, AIA

Anne Moore-Huynen, Assoc. AIA | Hall & Bartley Architecture

Kenneth Munson, AIA | Kenneth P. Munson, Architect


Louis Naidorf, FAIA

Nanette Names, AIA

Joel Newell,  | Digital Prints & Imaging

Brett Newman, Assoc. AIA | Visimation Inc.

Charles Nicholls,  | Trope Group, Inc.

Alan Nicholson, Assoc. AIA | alan nicholson Design Studio

Spencer Nilson, AIA | DTR Consulting Services


Wm. Parry, AIA | Idea Studios

Mike Pastryk,  | Liberty Valley Doors

Michael Paulson, AIA

Neil Peoples, AIA | Neil Peoples Architecture

John Perry, Assoc. AIA | TLCD Architecture

Alexis Persinger, AIA | Persinger Architects & Associates

Steve Pestell,  | Rogina Pestell Structural Engineers

Daryl Phillips,  | Seabrook Associates Inc.

John Picchi, AIA | John Picchi, AIA & Associates

Stephen Plath,  | Plath & Company, Inc.

Spencer Puccio,  | Pacific Coast Building Products


Mark Quattrocchi, AIA | Quattrocchi Kwok Architects


David Rapp, AIA | STRATAap Architecture

John Rechin,  | Total Concepts

Michael Resneck, Assoc. AIA | Bogart Construction, Inc.

Massomeh Roberts, Assoc. AIA | Roberts & Associates Architecture

Craig Roland, FAIA | Craig Roland, AIA

DeMae Rubins,  | Summit Engineering

Richard Ruff, AIA | Ruff & Associates

Dmitri Rusov-Morningstar, Assoc. AIA | Sustainable Residential Design


Gary Semling, AIA | Stantec

Carl Servais, AIA | TLCD Architecture

Nubar Shahbazian, AIA | Nubar Shahbazian AIA, Architect

Lawrence Simons, FAIA | Simons & Woodard Inc.

Juliano Sorondo, Assoc. AIA | Quattrocchi Kwok Architects

Robert South, AIA | Oakmont Senior Living LLC

Cecil Spencer, AIA | Architectural Analysis & Design

Robin Stephani, Assoc. AIA | Wright Contracting

Dominic Stephenson, AIA | Quattrocchi Kwok Architects

Daniel Strening, AIA | Strening Architect

Frederick Svinth, Assoc. AIA | Illingworth & Rodkin, Inc

Charles Swensen,  | VHS Associates, Inc.


James Tasheff, Assoc. AIA |

David Taylor, Assoc. AIA | TLCD Architecture

Clement Tesar, AIA | Elevation Architects

James Theiss, AIA | Quattrocchi Kwok Architects

James Titus, AIA

Donald Tomasi, AIA | TLCD Architecture

Paul Traba,  | Pacific Coast Building Products


Victor Venuta,  | Pacific Coast Building Products

Raymond Voskamp, AIA


Jerome Wagner, AIA

David Waldorf, AIA | Waldorf Design

Wendy Wallace, Assoc. AIA | Quattrocchi Kwok Architects

Jason Weaver, AIA | Axia Architects

Grant Weaver,  | Oakholm Consulting, LLC

Robert Weigl, AIA | Axia Architects

Justine Weigl, Assoc. AIA | Quattrocchi Kwok Architects

John Wieneke

Raymond Willett, AIA | The Built Environment

Edwin Wilson, AIA | RossDrulisCusenbery Architecture, Inc.

Peter Witter, AIA | Axia Architects

William Wix, AIA | Wix Architecture

Steven Wood, AIA | Steven Wood Architect

Sara Woodfield, AIA | Harrison Woodfield Architects, Inc.

Brian Wright, AIA | TLCD Architecture

Julie-Anne Wycoff, Assoc. AIA | TLCD Architecture


John Yaremko, Assoc. AIA

Duncan Young, AIA | Wright Contracting Inc


Zak Zakalik,  | Summit Engineering

Jeff Zimmerman, AIA | Zimmerman & Associates

Robert Zinkhan, AIA | Robert G. Zinkhan, Architect AIA

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