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WAF Research Grant
An initiative to support architectural investigation through projects or programs that increase public awareness of the importance of design in the environments in which we live, work, play and learn. Submissions need to address one of the following contemporary architectural issues: diversity, resilience, wellness and/or future of architectural practice.

The Wisconsin Architects Foundation (WAF) Grant Initiative supports architectural research, inquiry and investigation through projects and programs that increase public awareness of the importance of design in the environments in which we live, work, play and learn. Persons or firms proposing ideas relevant to architectural issues – history, diversity, sustainability, resilience, wellness, practice, management, technology – and those interested in improving the built environment are invited to apply.

Who May Apply

Applications are welcome from individual architects, architectural and industry related firms, university and technical college students, faculty and groups, nonprofit organizations, artists, art centers and educators.

The WAF Grant Initiative funds grants up to $5,000. Final ideas, outcomes and deliverables will be published online and made available by the Wisconsin Architects Foundation.


WAF Grant Initiative applications, with supporting materials, must be submitted here by January 15.

Grant awards will be announced by the WAF Board of Directors in February. Grant recipients must submit deliverables within one year of the award.

Project Submissions

All project submissions will be completed online and include.

  • Project Title
  • Abstract
  • Detailed Project Budget
  • Summary of Proposed Outcomes
  • Architectural issues:

> Diversity

> Resilience

> Wellness

> Sustainability

> History

> Practice

> Management

> Technology

> Improving the Built Environment

  • Resume(s) of Principal Researchers
  • Two references including contact information

Details of Funding

What is funded:

  • Projects that elevate public awareness of Architecture and Architects
  • Projects that examine the future of architectural practice
  • Projects that consider sustainability, resilience, wellness, ingenuity, creativity
  • Projects that focus on cultural, economic, ethnic or racial diversity
  • Projects that focus on issues of sustainability
  • Projects that provide new insight through an examination of architectural history
  • Projects that explore issues of practice, management, and technology
  • Projects that investigate issues related to improving the broader built environment

What is not funded:

  • Capital expenditures
  • Endowments or building programs
  • Purchase of public art
  • Travel
  • Website development or software purchase
  • Archival projects

Selection Criteria

The jury, comprised of members of the Wisconsin Architects Foundation Board of Directors, will evaluate each submission and award grants based on:

  • Relevance of research to the stated architectural issues
  • Applicability to the architectural profession and/or the broader design and building industry
  • Innovation of the subject matter
  • Quality of stated approach, methodology, rigor and deliverables
  • Validity of research methods

Research should focus on architectural knowledge that can be readily applied and conveyed within the profession. The research and investigation will result in a final written work, design project, research paper, video or another form of deliverable

Questions? Please contact us at AIA Wisconsin

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