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The AIA Center for Practice facilitates easy and effective access to and integration of the AIA resources and services that enable members’ practices to thrive.

The CFP is intended to be an efficient and effective resource to all AIA members seeking studies, reports, articles, white papers, surveys and programs on practice related topics. This new coordinating structure is designed to promote firm engagement through AIA services and resources that enhance members’ knowledge and opportunities for prosperity.

Members see value in improving access to reliable and consistent information related to business practice. We can improve the value of AIA to firms of all sizes by continually improving business knowledge-based programs including firm benchmarking, firm recognition and peer-to-peer advisories and roundtables.

The Center’s goals

  • providing a forum to promote and sustain prosperity through successful principles of practice
  • acting as a central body to advance practice relevant interests
  • becoming the centralized source for information, research, professional tools, and programs related to practice
  • facilitating and coordinating professional resources and communications through AIA national
  • encouraging the participation of practitioners and architects in member firms of all sizes
  • improving digital access to information through the AIA national homepage


The path to prosperity takes many forms, but regardless of how a firm defines itself, benchmarking is a critical way to evaluate a firm’s success. The AIA Firm Survey reflects insights from thousands of architecture firms, going back more than 30 years. AIA business intelligence provides a comprehensive assessment of what is occurring in architecture practices today, including detailed information on firm billings, profits, client retention rates, diversity, sustainability, and other aspects of firm culture. The Center for Practice is building on the idea of a firm benchmarking tool and developing a program committed to helping firms define and achieve prosperity through a collection of new performance benchmarks and resources. The program is intended to be scalable; it will benchmark performance and enhance business intelligence across four categories: Clients, Community, Profession and Workplace Culture.

Practice Resources

Members have expressed their need for a centralized practice-based resource with reliable and practical information on the business of architectural practice. The AIA is centralizing access to professional practice resources on to inform and elevate architects to achieve excellence and prosperity in starting, managing, and growing a practice. The website offers architects a single source for the most trusted and relevant practice content.


Firm leaders consistently say networking is a key source of practice knowledge and resources. To encourage a culture of sharing the Center for Practice has developed an event to bring together firm leadership. Roundtables are a tool to facilitate a conversation at the local level and spark further engagement. Working with AIA Detroit and AIA Colorado the CFP has packaged the roundtables specifically for chapters and can be downloaded on Component Connect.

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