Center for Practice: Smart resources for your practice

A new initiative addressing the needs of AIA members and members’ firms on themes related to prosperity

center for practice themes

CFP themes

The mission of the AIA Center for Practice is to facilitate easy and effective access to and integration of relevant AIA resources and services to enable its members’ practices to thrive.

One of the paramount aims of the CFP is to centralize and facilitate information and access to practice related programs across the Institute. The Practice section on is our online presence; and we encourage you to explore the available resources.

The CFP is intended to be an efficient and effective resource to all AIA members seeking studies, reports, articles, white papers, surveys and programs on practice related topics. This new coordinating structure is designed to promote firm engagement through AIA services and resources that enhance members’ knowledge and opportunities for prosperity.

The Center’s goals and action plan include:

  • providing a forum to promote and sustain prosperity through successful principles of practice
  • acting as a central body to advance practice relevant interests
  • becoming the centralized source for information, research, professional tools, and programs related to practice
  • facilitating and coordinating professional resources and communications through AIA national
  • encouraging participation of practitioners and architects in member firms of all sizes
  • improving digital access to information through the AIA national homepage

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center for practice themes