Global Architecture Billings Index (GABI)

As design and construction activity becomes more globally integrated, there has been growing interest in tracking trends and assessing the outlook internationally. The goal of the GABI initiative, endorsed by the UIA and in cooperation with other professional architecture associations around the world, is to develop global design indicators to underscore the role of architects in:

  • improving the built environment
  • promoting economic growth worldwide

The American Institute of Architects’ Architecture Billings Index (ABI) is well-established as a valuable source of information for U.S. architecture firms to evaluate market conditions in the sectors and regions that they serve. It is also closely followed by the construction and real estate communities as a leading economic indicator of future levels of construction activity. It is envisioned that this effort would dramatically supplement the U.S. data currently being generated through the ABI effort, and position the global architecture profession as the leading voice in monitoring global trends for the built environment.

Value to architecture firms that join the GABI survey panel:

  • better understand current design and construction environment to help inform business decisions
  • identify new business opportunities
  • access to consistent and timely information on global design conditions

Our commitment to confidentiality and simplicity:

  • Secure: All firm information is confidential and results will only be reported in group averages. Individual firm responses will not be reported or released.
  • Trends only: Firms are only requested to provide the general direction of business activity.
  • Ease: The survey is simple and easy to complete, generally taking less than 5 minutes just four times a year. You will only need to complete the background information form once a year.

The GABI initiative is endorsed by the International Union of Architects (UIA), and conducted in partnership with the UIA Professional Practice Commission (UIA PPC) and Colegio de Arquitectos de Costa Rica (CACR).

Professional architecture organizations around the world: get involved!

We need your help!  Participate in an international effort to:

  • document consistent and timely information on the global architecture profession
  • play a critical role in ensuring your country/region is represented in the results
  • provide valuable information to your members

For more information on how to get your members engaged in the GABI initiative, email us.

FAQs for architecture firms interested in joining the panel

How does my firm sign up to participate and who should participate? To join the survey panel, we ask that you, or an appropriate person at your firm, complete a brief background information form, that includes information such as your firm’s location, type of practice, and the construction sectors that you serve. Second, we ask you to reach out to the appropriate person at other locations of your firm that are either located outside of the U.S., or are located in the U.S. but working in other countries, and encourage them to complete the background information form and sign up and participate as well.

What are my firm’s obligations for participating in this project? There is no cost to your firm to join the panel, and the time commitment for participating is approximately 5-10 minutes once every three months.

How can I be assured that the information I provide will be treated confidentially? First, you will only be asked to provide information on the general direction of business activity. You will not be asked for specific or detailed information about your firm in the quarterly survey. Second, we are committed to confidentiality of all the information that we collect. All information that you provide is confidential, and survey results will only be reported in group averages. Individual firm responses will not be reported or released.

How will I be contacted to fill out the quarterly survey? Once you complete the form, you will receive an email from the AIA confirming your enrollment. You will then receive your first survey questionnaire at the start of the next quarter after you sign-up. Surveys will be sent out in January, April, July, and October.

What benefits will I receive from participating in this survey? Once the results have been compiled and analyzed, we will send directly to you a summary report and overview of broader economic conditions for that quarter. As a participant in the GABI, you will automatically be sent results once they have been compiled. You also will be part of a community of architects that help to underscore the importance of design activity in generating economic growth and helping to create a better built environment.

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