Don't Overlook the Many Benefits of AIA Kansas Membership

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Procurement Assistance

Overcome Obstacles

AIA Kansas is your partner if you run into roadblocks in public procurement. AIA Kansas has an effective full-time staff that is here to serve you. Our advocacy and lobbying team led the effort to pass the Kansas Quality Based Selection law which was passed in 1974 and was amended in 2008 for certain publicly funded projects. The team continues to engage with public leaders at the state and local levels to advance QBS procurement approaches and assist public entities in implementing quality based selection criteria in their RFQ’s and RFP’s.  Often local government contracts and RFQ / RFP processes include rules and requirements that are difficult, drain firm resources, and are in conflict with the basic provisions of a quality based selections process. AIA Kansas can help you overcome these obstacles.So far this year AIA Kansas has assisted two school districts within the state with recommendations for improving their Request for Proposals. Consulting with our member firms we crafted a response and facilitated outreach directly to the local decision makers. The outreach was well received and resulted in one school district using our services to ensure their RFP’s met the criteria supporting a QBS approach for evaluating proposals.

Putting Quality Work First:  AIA Kansas advises school districts, municipalities, and other governmental entities on best practice for procurement. We communicate with the 628 cities, the 286 school districts, and the 105 counties across the state, promoting quality-based selection practices, a critically important component of ensuring the advancement of high-quality architectural design and development.

AIA Kansas Member Resources

  • Publications on procurement and QBS
  • Access to decision makers at the local, state, and national levels
  • Education, negotiation, and recommendations for procurement best practices
  • Legal advice and services
  • Government affairs agenda that promotes design and quality community development
  • Professional lobbying services at the local, state, and national levels

We are ready to support you with engagement and outreach efforts to reach the public entities you work with to ensure that quality-based selection practices and contract terms are well informed, favorable, and fair.Please let us know how we can assist you. Contact Terry Humphrey and our advocacy team at 785-221-8215.

Education, Exploration, and Networking

Keep your competitive edge by staying on top of your continuing education with AIA Kansas. Throughout the year EXPLORE events are hosted around the state. These events give attendees the chance to go on exclusive tours, meet fellow professionals, and gather continuing education credits. Another perk of these events? Networking. Whether you're an architect, engineer, or an allied professional, attending these events can help you grow your professional contacts.

AIA Kansas and Beyond

Having an AIA Kansas membership goes far beyond education and networking within the state of Kansas. AIA national offers many member benefits as well. Having an AIA membership allows members to utilize AIA's advantage partners and receive discounts with retailers, including Avis, FedEx, Office Depot, and many more.Make sure that you fully utilize your membership by taking advantage of what AIA Kansas and AIA national have to offer.

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