School design safety resources

The following resources include academic research, as well as articles produced by the Institute.

Academic research

S.E. Perumean-Chaney and L.M.  Sutton, "Students and Perceived School Safety: The Impact of School Security Measures," American Journal of Criminal Justice

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P. Cozens and T. Love, "A Review and Current Status of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design" Journal of Planning Literature

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A. Hankin, MD MPH, M. Hertz, MS, and T. Simon, Ph.D., "Impacts of Metal Detector Use in Schools: Insights From 15 Years of Research," Journal of School Health

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B. Gastic, "Metal Detectors and Feeling Safe at School," Education and Urban Society

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C.L. Jonson, "Preventing School Shootings: The Effectiveness of Safety Measures," Victims & Offenders

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Recent articles from the AIA


How Architecture and Design Can Hinder Active Shooters, By Mimi Kirk

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