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Exploring new trends, industry-wide issues, and emerging technology in the health care system

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The Academy Journal seeks to promote awareness, educational exchange, and advancement of the project-delivery process and building products in the health care system.

Published articles have discussed a broad range of medical topics including research trends and the future of health care architecture, cardiac care, future and evolving technology, patient rooms and patient safety, lighting design for health care, psychology, workplace design, cancer care environments, emergency care, women’s and children’s care, and various health care project delivery methods.

24th Edition (2022)

  • Co-diagnosis: An interdisciplinary design study of inpatient units for mental and physical health
  • Medicine in minutes: A new paradigm in healthcare New York Hotel and Motel Trades Council’s (NYHTC) Brooklyn Health Center
  • Co-designing with children: Innovating patient engagement and participation in pediatric healthcare design research with immersive technology and affective interactions

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23rd Edition (2021)

  • FGI then and now: The modifications for better design and planning for imaging in the operating room
  • The rewards of psychological safety in design and construction
  • The architect’s role in telehealth care

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22nd Edition (2020)

  • Telehealth and the changing shape of health spaces
  • Tailored lighting intervention to promote entrainment in myeloma transplant patients—A field study
  • Eliminating hot water handwashing: Five reasons to act
  • Urban interventions to mitigate the adverse effects of occupational stress in office buildings
  • Using choice-based design to improve health

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21st Edition (2019)

  • Building is only half of the battle: Multi-level interventions to impact change
  • Sound and space: Acoustical design strategies for healthcare staff spaces  

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20th Edition (2018)

  • Design and construction: A key component in hospitals credit ratings
  • Road to recovery: Person-centered design BEHAVIORAL HEALTH Trempealeau County Health Care Center

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