Call for survey panelists

Participation on survey panels is a great way to contribute to data collection that is extremely valuable to our industry.

As a panelist you will:

  • receive a short online survey every month or quarter asking about business conditions in your area,
  • take part in an important project with data used by firms and reported on by the press,​​
  • receive the free online release as soon as it is available, and
  • compare your firm with others and use the data to prepare future business plans


  • participation on the survey panels is online and on average take no more than 5 to 10 minutes to complete either each month or quarter, depending on the panel
  • while there are no required time commitments we encourage panelists to remain on the panel for at least a year or as long as they are able to actively participate
  • participation on the panels is strictly for firm leaders
  • the Architecture Billings Index and Global Architecture Billings Index are open to firms whose billings come from mostly nonresidential work (50% or more)
  • the home design trends is open to firms whose billings come mostly from residential. If your work is international then the Global architecture billings index would be the best fit

Choose a panel:

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