Firm Survey Report

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With data from 2,300+ firms, this essential resource includes metrics to measure practice, evaluate performance, and set strategy. Discover trends in net and gross billings, small firms, BIM, and more with the only report that covers the full complexity of the firms that power the architecture and design profession.  

Key findings from the AIA Firm Survey Report include:

Firm and staff profiles: The share of architecture firms classified as multidisciplinary has significantly increased over the last decade, with 42% of firms describing their practice as such in 2015.

Firm billings: As firms have been returning to profitability, firm owners have been better able to reinvest in their businesses, with a focus on adding services, improving staff productivity, and rebuilding firm culture.

Construction sectors served: With slower growth in the US economy, design projects focused on renovating existing facilities is approaching half of all design billings at architecture firms, an increase from just over one third of design billings a decade ago.

Practice trends: BIM penetration is reaching tipping point as it becomes used on nearly all projects at larger firms. With it, firms are finding multiple uses, including design visualization, coordinated construction documents, and presentations and renderings.

International work: Architecture firm revenue from international projects totaled $2.2 billion in 2015, with international projects accounting for more than 12 percent of firm billings at large firms.

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Architects looking at plans

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