Architect’s Guide to Building Performance

Integrating simulation into the design process

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Good, 21st century architecture is more than just beautiful; architects can also deliver high performing spaces that address a myriad of social and environmental issues. One of the most powerful tools at an architect's disposal is building performance simulation. Especially when conducted early and often in the design process, building simulation helps designers test design solutions to cost-effectively optimize performance beyond energy to improve occupant comfort and resilience.

The new Architect’s Guide to Building Performance helps architects better integrate building performance simulation into their design process. This document guides you through:

  • how energy modeling and other performance simulation can integrate with your practice to inform design decisions
  • the ASHRAE Standard 209 modeling standard and how you can use it as a framework for performance simulation across the design team​
  • different ways to incorporate performance simulation into your design team’s workflow
  • common questions and approaches for various types of simulation
  • case studies that demonstrate and exemplify how simulation is used to optimize design solutions

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