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AIA Wisconsin Leaders at a Board Meeting

The Wisconsin Society of Architects is the statewide component of The American Institute of Architects. The organization traces its roots back to 1911 when the Wisconsin Chapter of the American Institute of Architects was first incorporated in Wisconsin. In 1994, the Wisconsin Society of Architects began doing business as " AIA Wisconsin."

Committees are organized into four Commissions with a Director assigned to each Commission.

Programs Commission

Director Advisor: Katheryn Edwards, AIA

Membership Committee

To develop and implement programs and materials for expanding membership and for increasing membership retention and participation; to profile and analyze membership attitudes and needs for use in planning member recruitment programs, developing methods to encourage increased member participation and recommending new programs and services to respond to member needs.

Fellowship Committee

To identify and recommend to the Board of Directors candidates for appointment to AIA committees and nomination for AIA honors and awards, including advancement to the AIA College of Fellows; to encourage members to seek appointments and assist candidates in the preparation of nomination materials.

Design Awards Committee

 To convene an annual design awards jury for selection of the work of member architects that merits recognition for design excellence; to assist in disseminating the results of this selection to members and public through Wisconsin Architect magazine, the annual Convention and media thereby fostering public awareness of the work of member architects; and to encourage dialogue by the public and among members of the purpose and direction of architectural design in Wisconsin. 

Golden Award Committee

To screen and rank Golden Award nominations for submission of recommendation to Board of Directors. (est. 1990)

Disaster Preparedness & Assistance

To strengthen the disaster resilience of Wisconsin citizens and their communities by providing resources and support for disaster preparedness, including education and training opportunities for AIA Wisconsin members, assisting state and local government emergency management officials respond to disasters and assess the resulting damage to buildings, and help communities in the recovery of their built environment. A goal is to have 100 trained AIA Wisconsin members available to assist authorized emergency response team in assessing damage to buildings.

Knowledge Commission

Director Advisor: Kimberly Reddin, AIA

Convention Committee

To work with Board of Directors, staff and other committees to plan, promote, coordinate and conduct an annual statewide conference on design, practice and technology issues that is attractive to members, allied professionals and material suppliers and that achieves or exceeds financial goals established by budget.

Conference Planning Committee Site (Committee Members Only)

Fall Workshop Committee

To work with Board of Directors and staff to plan, promote and conduct an annual one-day workshop on practice issues of interest to members.

Building Enclosure Council Committee

To promote and encourage discussion, training, education, technology transfer, exchange of information about local issues and cases, relevant weather conditions, and all matters concerning building enclosures and the related science. The BEC is an initiative by the AIA and the Building Enclosure Technology and Environment Council (BETEC) of the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS). (est. 2008)

Wisconsin Architects Foundation

To promote the science and art of planning by advancing the standards of architectural education, training and practice; to provide scholarships to Wisconsin students pursuing degrees in architecture; to provide program grants to student chapters at universities and technical colleges in Wisconsin; and to support programs and activities that increase the public's awareness and appreciation of architecture and architects. (est. 1953)

Public Awareness Committee

To encourage architects to work together to develop and maintain a clear understanding of the present and future roles architects play in society so to effectively position the profession to be of greatest service; to develop materials and programs to expand the public's awareness of architecture and architects as well as architect's awareness of the public's needs and expectations. (est. 1991)

Architect Mentor Program Planning Committee

To work with Board of Directors and staff to plan, promote and conduct leadership training for Emerging Professional members.

AMP Planning Committee Site (Committee Only)

AMP19 Resource Site (For Participants only)

AMP20 Resource Site (For Participants only)

Advocacy Commission  

Director Advisor: Steve Holzhauer, AIA

Legislative Committee

To identify public policy issues of importance to Wisconsin's design and construction industry; to develop positions and make recommendations on legislative issues of interest and concern to the architectural profession; to lobby appropriate legislative committees and administrative agencies; to encourage the active grassroots participation of members in the legislative process; and to communicate with other professions that have similar legislative concerns. (est. 1970)

DFDM Liaison Committee

 To establish a continuing dialogue with the state Division of Facilities Development & Management (DFDM) and to establish a format for discussion and resolution of problems and issues of mutual concern. 

Codes & Standards Committee

To establish a format for ongoing discussion and resolution of Building Code, plan review and related issues of concern to the profession and the Department of Safety & Professional Services (DSPS). (est. 1992)

Architectural Licensing Advisors

To continue to educate Associate AIA members, other emerging professionals and practitioners about the Architectural Experience Program (AXP), Architect Registration Examination (ARE) and related requirements to become a registered architect in Wisconsin.

QBS Committee

To create, maintain and improve a resource readily available to public owners and members for the objective, informed, responsive and professionally responsible promotion of Qualifications-Based Selection (QBS) procedures; to monitor Wisconsin QBS program and advise the Board of Directors as to its operations; to establish objectives, recommend policies, approve presentation materials, promote owner and member participation, coordinate with related professional organizations and evaluate program performance. (est. 1986)

Components Commission

Director Advisor: Chad Ulman, AIA

AIA Wisconsin Strategic Council

To create strong connections between individual sections of the state society and its Board of Directors so that information from local sections is conveyed to the Board and vice versa. The purpose of the Strategic Council is to identify, discuss and develop recommendations related to programs, services, initiatives and resources offered to members by local sections for sharing knowledge, increasing public awareness and advocating for the profession. Council includes representatives of local sections as well as AIA Associate, Allied and Student Affiliate representatives.  

AIA Regional Representatives (AIA Strategic Council)

To advance the profession of architecture by informing the AIA Board of important issues and opportunities. The North Central States (NCS) region appoints two AIA Regional Representatives to a three-year term on the national AIA Strategic Council. The region includes Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota. The authority to make the appointment is passed from state to state according to an agreed upon rotational scheme.

Young Architects Forum

The YAF has three goals: To encourage professional growth and leadership development among recently licensed architects through interaction and collaboration within the AIA and allied groups. To build a national network and serve as a collective voice for young architects by working to ensure that issues of particular relevance to young architects are appropriately addressed by the Institute. To make AIA membership valuable to young architects and to develop the future leadership of the profession. The North Central States (NCS) region has one representative on the national YAF Advisory Committee.

National Associates Committee

Since 2000, the National Associates Committee has been dedicated to representing and advocating for AIA Associate members, both mainstream and non-traditional, in the national, regional, state and local components of the AIA. By promoting excellence, providing information and leadership, fostering inclusiveness and encouraging individual, community and professional development, the NAC strives to integrate the growing emerging professionals community of the profession into a strong voice within the American Institute of Architects. The Regional Associate Director (RAD) for the NCS region is appointed according to an established rotational scheme among the four states in the region.

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AIA Wisconsin Leaders at a Board Meeting