Find out how to get started and run your own successful firm


Structuring a firm for success is a formidable task—take advantage of helpful resources, tools, and benefit programs to guide you into the future.

Starting a firm is a challenge. From deciding on insurance and finding a broker, to handling human resources regulations and cyber risks, to managing legal questions and other vexing issues, the AIA Trust offers a wealth of guides, tools, and reference materials accessible 24/7 to help you embark successfully on your new firm venture.

For example, you’ll find the guide on Making the Transition to Running Your Own Firm, the webinar and booklet on Creating & Maintaining A Professional Practice, plus white papers and articles about evolving risks with tips and tools on how to avoid or manage them. These are just some examples of the resources that will help guide you as a new firm owner in assessing, avoiding, and managing your risks—now and into the future.

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