Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Resources

We are committed to supporting Equity, Diversity and Inclusion initiatives and programs for people of all backgrounds.

"The American Institute of Architects, as part of the global community, champions a culture of equity, diversity, and inclusion within the profession of architecture to create a better environment for all." 1 AIA Northeast Illinois is committed to working with all our members and communities to fulfill this mission statement.

We hope that sharing these resources will encourage people to listen, learn and affirm their commitment to take an active role as part of the solution.

We want to thank AIA National, AIA Illinois, AIA Chicago and others for many of these resources to share with our chapter.

Building Equitable Practice

AIA Guide to Equitable Practice

AIA National Racial Equity Initiative

NCARB, NOMA survey on the pursuit of licensure

Advocating for Black Architects

National Organization for Minority Architects (NOMA)

Illinois Chapter of the National Organization for Minority Architects (I-NOMA)

Historically Black Colleges and University (HBCU) Schools of Architecture

Black Contractors, Owners and Executives

The Directory of African American Architects

Beyond the Built Environment

Anti-Racism and Cultural Learning

AIA Illinois Racial Justice Resources

Until Justice Just Is (YWCA)

Segregated By Design (Video) - Richard Rothstein

Smithsonian: 158 Resources to Understand Racism

National Museum of African American History and Culture

Talking about Race

Anti-Racist Reading List

Where did BIPOC Come From

Whitney M. Young Jr's 1968 AIA Convention Speech

Statements on Racial Injustice

NOMA Statement Regarding Racial Injustice

AIA Illinois Board President: Together We Own the Solution

AIA National Board Statement on Systemic Racial Injustice

  1. AIA National Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Mission Statement

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