2020 AIA North Carolina Legislative Candidate Survey

State House and Senate Candidate Responses


Fellow AIANC members,

In this first of what we hope will be regular surveys of candidates for our NC Legislature, we see a positive vision for North Carolina expressed across party lines. And most important, an openness to have a dialogue with members of our profession during the 2021-2022 legislative session.

Let us know what you think of the responses and how you would like to participate in legislative advocacy during the next session of our General Assembly. In the interim, polls are open… So please share your vision by voting!

Richard Alsop, AIA. - Advocacy Director AIANC

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This survey was sent to all North Carolina State House and Senate candidates who provided their email information when registering to the North Carolina State Board of Elections. If a candidate is not represented in the following document, they either did not provide their email information to the Board of Elections or did not respond to the survey.

To find your representative, please visit this website ( https://www.ncleg.gov/FindYourLegislators )

To view AIA National's 2020 Policy Platform, please visit this website ( Click Here )

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