AIA Nebraska Political Action Committee (PAC)

It is time to get down to business; working towards electing Nebraska State Senators that support architects. Decisions that affect our industry are regularly made in the Unicameral. We need your help to build the AIA Nebraska Political Action Committee war chest for this upcoming election, as well as future ones! Your donation affords AIA Nebraska an opportunity to ensure that the issues and initiatives, as well as the candidates who support them are recognized and represented in the Nebraska Legislature.

The AIA Nebraska Political Action Committee is a tool to ensure your investment will have an impact on key races across the State of Nebraska. We continue to support candidates that are pro-design, supportive of economic development and business.

See list of legislative snapshot of AIA Nebraska's successes.

  • Occupational sales tax on professional firms including architectural firms (Defeated)
  • Taxation (7.0%) on professional services including architectural services (Defeated) Due to relocation, Nebraska‚Äôs total employment could have been reduced by 4,000 jobs, reducing payrolls by $158 million.
  • Special interest representation on Board of Engineers and Architects (Defeated) The suggested additional directors were representatives of special interest organizations having no formal education or experience in protecting the health, safety and welfare of Nebraskans.
  • Registration and regulation of interior designers (Defeated) | Adopt interior designers certification act (Defeated) In reality this legislation is a practice act, enabling interior designers to practice interior architecture, without training, education and ability to protect the health, safety & welfare of Nebraskans.
  • Provide a moratorium on new hospital renovation (Defeated specific time period.)
  • Update Energy Codes (Adopted)
  • Engineers and Architects Regulation Act | Cross Discipline Practice (Defeated cross discipline reference)

Contribute to the AIA Nebraska Political Action Committee

Credit/Debit Card via PayPal

Checks can be made out to:

AIA Nebraska PAC

335 N. 8th Street, Suite A, Lincoln, NE 68508

Contribution recommendations

Based upon firm and number of employees: 1-5 ($100), 6-10 ($250), 11-49 ($500), 50-99 ($1,000), & 100+($2500).

AIA principals $100; AIA and Associate members $50

Your AIA Nebraska Political Action Committee

Patrick Leahy, AIA - Chair

Jim Brisnehan, AIA

Richard Burton, AIA

Dan Grasso, AIA

Matthew Gulsvig, AIA

Dave Johnson, AIA

Sara Kay, Hon. AIA

Jeff Monzu, AIA

Melinda Pearson, FAIA

Greg Smith, AIA

Matthew Stoffel, AIA

The 106th Legislature Contributions Given (2019-2020)

Anna Wishart for Legislature

Bostelman for Legislature

Dan Quick for Legislature

Friends of Carol Blood

Friends of Mike Hilgers

Justin Wayne for Legislature

Kolowski for Legislature

Lou Ann Linehan for Legislature

Lynn Walz for Legislature

Mike Flood for Nebraska

Neighbors for Megan Hunt

Pansing Brooks for Legislature

Rita Sanders for Legislature

Suzanne C. Geist for Legislature

Tanya Storer for Legislature

Tom Brewer for Nebraska

Tony Vargas for Nebraska

Wayne for Nebraska

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