Women's Leadership Summit 2022

San Jose Center for the Performing Arts

For the first time, the Women's Leadership Summit (WLS)–the largest event for women architects and designers in the country–will be held in Silicon Valley, the global center for technology and innovation.

Known for its spirit of collaboration, the region is the ideal background for a continually evolving, forward-looking event. Hosted by The American Institute of Architects, WLS 2022 will bring diverse women leaders together, with a focus on: firm leadership, advancing business knowledge, targeted networking, proactive career management, and personal empowerment.

Video: Hear AIA Silicon Valley members speak at the largest event for women architects and designers. Join us this fall!  

Designing women into the code

Codes govern our daily lives–from ethics and behaviors, to technology and design. Codes are evolving, but equalizing the playing field–in academia and in practice–requires substantial institutional and cultural change. By supporting women in the profession, and by working to reduce bias, we help close the gender gap and recode our world.

Summit at a glance

  • 12 main-stage events
  • 30+ world-class speakers
  • on-demand access for all AIA members
  • tours of great architecture across the Bay Area
  • small-group, dine-around experiences & networking
  • wellness in the great outdoors


  • award-winning architects and designers
  • multi-disciplinary and diverse professionals
  • culture and equity experts
  • next-generation thought leaders

Connect, inspire, transform

Attendees will gain access to valuable content to cultivate leadership growth and impact industry-wide change.

Business, Career, and Leadership

  • leading with empathy and empowering our teams
  • wellness, well-being, and mental health in the workplace
  • alternate and unique career paths
  • entre- and intra-preneurship
  • how to leverage a network of peers
  • strategic positioning and confidence building
  • develop grit, adaptability, and resilience
  • diverse business models: large and small

Design and the Built Environment

  • sustainability, resilience, and climate action
  • affordable housing, equity, and the future of our cities
  • innovations in architecture, design, and technology

People, Culture, and Society

  • gender equality and racial equity
  • influencing and catalyzing change
  • supporting communities and finding purpose

AIA has combined continuing education with wellness activities, promoting the idea that health and professional development go hand in hand. Although the architecture industry has historically struggled to retain women architects, more women today are finding ways to make the industry work for them.

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