AIA Compensation & Benefits Report 2023

AIA Comp 2023

AIA Compensation & Benefits Report 2023

Architecture salary, hiring, & benefits trends

The AIA Compensation & Benefits Report is the architecture industry’s most comprehensive report on salary, hiring, and benefits trends. With over 1,100 firms reporting data on 45 unique architecture and design roles, the 2023 edition is the most robust edition in 15 years and the only report used by the Department of Labor.

Purchase your copy at the AIA Store. Get an in-depth analysis of where architecture industry compensation is headed, as well as insights on the shifting workplace cultures and evolving employee benefits that firms are offering to attract and retain top talent.

What’s new in 2023? 58% more firms, 53% more positions, and 53% more locations. Plus, data and analytics on four new states and four new metros areas.

Beneficial for architecture professionals, firms, & recruiters

With data from firms in 35 states, 37 metro areas, and 21 cities, the newest publication is an indispensable tool for both firms and individuals looking for the ultimate insider edge in today’s competitive market. Attract the best talent and know your worth in your area.

Use the report that best serves you: Download the complete national report, the full report and Excel tables, the top metro areas report, or one of nine regional reports to make well-informed decisions for your career or your business.

Keep an eye out for the AIA Small Firm Compensation Report in late 2023. The Small Firm report focuses on sole proprietorships and architecture firms with fewer than three employees.

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AIA Compensation & Benefits Report 2023

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AIA Comp 2023