AIA Compensation Report

AIA Compensation Report

Newly updated for 2017, the biannual AIA Compensation Report gives you access to salary data for 39 architecture firm positions in 26 states, 25 metro areas, and 17 cities. You’ll get an exclusive look at industry salary trends and expert analysis on where the market is headed, as well as information on workplace culture and the employee benefits, perks, and incentives that firms are offering to attract and retain top talent.

Use the complete national report, the metro area report, or one of nine regional reports to understand your value and make good decisions for your career or your business. Special pricing for AIA members.

Now available: Brand new for 2018, the first-ever AIA Small Firm Compensation Report is dedicated to the unique needs and structure of small architecture firms, defined here as those legally structured as sole proprietorships (regardless of number of employees) and architecture firms with fewer than three architectural staff employees. Learn more>

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AIA Compensation Report