The future is now: The AIA Sustainability Leadership Opportunity Scan

As sustainability has evolved from an emerging trend to a mainstream global movement, architects are uniquely positioned to play a leadership role in influencing and advancing the future through their work. In September 2013, our organization launched the Sustainability Leadership Opportunity Scan to identify how we could strengthen our role in driving leadership opportunities and recognition for architects through sustainability. It identified four priority areas:

  • energy
  • materials
  • design and health
  • resilience

Sustainability Scan Year One Progress Report

A great deal of volunteer and staff effort has gone into the preliminary implementation of these priorities. A one-year progress report examined how well we have moved from ideas to action, outlined recommendations for improving our impact and influence, and concluded that we should rapidly advance all of the initiatives.

Recommended priorities for 2015 and beyond

The progress report identified six opportunities for prioritizing those efforts:

  • think local to fully engage the AIA network
  • strengthen continuing education requirements
  • focus on contracts and guidance documents
  • strengthen our local advocacy role
  • expand leadership and partnerships
  • fully engage communications and digital outreach

Be a sustainable leader

Get involved by discussing how to move forward these issues with your component and knowledge community.


2013 AIA Sustainability Leadership Opportunity Scan

Full Report | Executive Summary

2014 Year One Progress Report

Full Report | Executive Summary

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