Sacramento SDAT: Reaching new heights in Del Paso Heights


The neighborhood of Del Paso Heights in Sacramento, Calif. was at a tipping point. Despite abundant assets that included affordable housing, diverse and welcoming residents, and strong community pride, it was struggling amid high rates of poverty, unemployment and school dropout.

In late 2014, the City of Sacramento requested assistance from an AIA Sustainable Design Assessment Team to work with Del Paso Heights.  The city asked SDAT to coordinate sustainable revitalization initiatives under a single framework by developing a broad-spectrum plan addressing public policy, revitalization, economic development, and investment in sustainable growth.

The ultimate goal of the SDAT process was to position Del Paso Heights as a demonstration community that could teach Sacramento how to replicate its lessons in other economically underserved areas of the city.

Stakeholders and residents meet during the Sacramento SDAT.

After a visit to the community in June 2015, the SDAT team produced a final report that provided recommendations focusing on civic empowerment, community design, market demand, mobility, connectivity, and sustainability.

Read the full report Sacramento, CA SDAT report

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Courtesy of the Sacramento SDAT