The National Resilience Initiative Annual Report 2016

NRI annual report

Designed by NJIT’s Center for Resilient Design, the Garden State Ecohub in Ewing, New Jersey transforms former industrial sites into lush “carbon factories

Resilience concerns continue to grow in the national consciousness, due in large part to our expanding understanding that many disasters and disturbances are no longer isolated once-in-a-lifetime events, but part of a longer ongoing pattern already set in motion. A new mindset has emerged to accommodate a spectrum of social, environmental, and technological change, while taking into account the people, landscape or economies at stake.

The National Resilience Initiative (NRI) is a joint program of AIA and the Architects Foundation, with the Association for Collegiate Schools of Architecture, that unites six university-led architecture studios to develop new designs, research, and policies that bolster resilience in the built environment.

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NRI annual report