Five strategies to help you land a new job in architecture

Are you a new graduate, a young architects, or someone looking for a new job in an architecture-related field? These videos provide advice on marketability and personal and professional branding that will help you find the right job.

Personal branding

As an architecture professional, building your brand is critical for your future success. Explore strategies and tools for personal and professional branding including defining your mission, vision, and message.

Creating powerful resumes

Whether you’re looking for your next opportunity or a new client, your resume is an essential element for showcasing your experience and work. Learn how to communicate the value of your unique knowledge and skills.

Mapping and developing your social network

In today’s world you need an effective professional social network to connect with key people in the architecture and design industry. Learn tips on building your social network to connect with support, guidance, clients, and opportunities.

Branding with social media

Building a network is one thing but now what are you communicating? Learn how to create engaging and entertaining content on recent awards, projects, knowledge, and articles.

Interviewing strategies

Whether you’re interviewing for a project with a client or prospective employer, there are several key strategies that we recommend. Learn how to prove you are the right person for a project or job.

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