Pulse on progress: Where health and design intersect

“Through this inaugural convening, AIA and its partners sought to capitalize on the foundation of interdisciplinary research and collaboration and focused the meeting on knowledge sharing, relationship building and early priority setting.” — Pulse on progress: Proceedings of the inaugural meeting of the AIA Design & Health Research Consortium

The inaugural meeting of the Design & Health Research Consortium in March 2015 brought together multidisciplinary university teams working at the intersection of design and health. Pulse on Progress is the first publication released in support of the Consortium, a joint project of The American Institute of Architects, the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture, the Architects Foundation and the Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health.

The meeting was centered on four key goals: networking, inspiration, innovation and problem solving.

The document demonstrates the teams’ capacity to work both independently and collectively to explore urgent subjects across disciplines and professions. Better understanding the available and emerging research base is the first step toward empowering us to design with health outcomes in mind, the authors write.

Read the full document, which details research efforts by the eleven inaugural members of the Consortium, as well as essays by industry leaders and recommendations for collective action by AIA and Consortium leaders. Recommendations within this report include:

  • develop internships focused on cross-disciplinary projects at the nexus of design and health (p 16)
  • supplement big data with field observation (p 19)
  • increase use of participatory planning and assessments to engage the broader community (p 23)

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