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Design Excellence & Outstanding Service


Living recipients of the C. Julian Oberwarth Award were honored with the newly-designed Oberwarth Gold Medal during the 2016 AIA KY/IN Convention.

Honor Awards For Excellence in Architectural Design (1960-present)

For more than 50 years, the Honor Awards program of AIA Kentucky has been dedicated to recognizing works of architecture designed by Kentucky architects that demonstrate design excellence while promoting public awareness and appreciation of the diversity, quality and scope of Kentucky architecture. Past winners have ranged from single family homes to small commercial buildings to major public projects. To view an archive of award recipients, click here.

Additional efforts to recognize and celebrate outstanding works of Architecture in Kentucky include:

25 Must-See Buildings in Kentucky, published March 2017 in USA Today Travel online (nominated by online member vote)

Kentucky’s Favorite Architecture Top 10 – 2013, presented in partnership with Kentucky Educational Television (KET) (selected by online popular vote; based on total number of votes received)  

Special Awards for Outstanding Service to the Profession (1975-present)

The AIA Kentucky Special Awards program is designed to recognize individuals and firms which have made significant contributions deemed to be in keeping with the mission and goals of AIA Kentucky, its members, and the communities they serve. Nominations from the members are submitted to the local chapters, whose leadership then selects nominees to be presented to the Special Awards Committee for consideration. The Committee is made up of a chairman appointed by the AIA Kentucky president, the presidents of the three local chapters, and one representative of each chapter who must have been an AIA member for at least 15 years. The Committee determines the selections in each category and the awards are presented at the annual AIA Kentucky Convention.

The C. Julian Oberwarth Gold Medal

To recognize and honor an individual Member who has displayed a long-standing commitment to the betterment of the profession and well-being of architects in Kentucky, and who has dedicated extraordinary time and talent to this end.


1981     C. Julian Oberwarth

1983     P. Whitney Webb            

1984     Harley B. Fisk    

1986    Charles P. Graves            

1987     Clyde K. Warner, Jr.        

1988     Lawrence J. Leis

1991     Norman A. Chrisman      

1992     Samuel H. Halley III        

1993     John B. Gartner, Jr.          

1995     L. Wayne Tune  

1996     Raymond B. Hayes, Jr.  

1998     H. Carleton Godsey, Jr.  

1999     K. Norman Berry              

2000    J. Richard Kremer            

2001     Lawrence P. Melillo        

2002     Graham W. Rapp              

2004     Major General John Russell Groves          

2006     Stephen A. Wiser            

2008     David R. Proffitt

2010     Joseph E. Jones

2011     Steven A. Eggers

2012     H. Gibbs Reese  

2013     W. Daniel Church          

2014     Clyde Reynolds Carpenter            

2016     Martha R. Tarrant            

2018     Elizabeth M. Atinay (Posthumous)

2018     T. Rexford Cecil

2019     Michael W. Jacobs, FAIA

Distinguished Firm Award

To recognize a Member Firm which, through consistent leadership, vision and ability, has distinguished itself over the past decade through design and implementation of works of architecture that enhance the quality of our environment.


1984     Chrisman Miller Woodford          

1985     Louis & Henry    

1986     Grossman Chapman Kingsley      

1987     Omni Architects                

1989     Sherman/Carter/Barnhart          

1990     K. Norman Berry Associates        

1991      Bennett Architects, Inc.

1992     Potter and Cox Architects            

1993     Johnson/Romanowitz Architects & Planners        

1995     Arrasmith, Judd, Rapp, Inc.      

1996     Godsey Associates Architects    

1997     Robert Ehmet Hayes & Associates        

1998     GBBN Architects              

1999     Michael Koch & Associates Architects & Planners              

2003    Bravura

2005     Voelker Winn Architects              

2006     Luckett & Farley, Inc.    

2008     Omni Architects                

2009     EOP Architects  

2011      Tate.Hill.Jacobs: Architects

2012     Arrasmith, Judd, Rapp, Chovan, Inc.        

2013     De Leon & Primmer Architecture Workshop        

2014     CoxAllen and Associates, Architects        

2015     Studio Kremer Architects              

2016     K. Norman Berry Associates Architects

2017     Potter & Associates Architects PLLC  

2019    JRA Architects

Distinguished Service Award

To honor an individual Member for a specific contribution or for their dedication and service which has significantly furthered the purposes of AIA Kentucky.


1975     Norman A. Chrisman      

1976     A.B. McCulloch  

1978     Clyde K. Warner, Jr.        

1979     Norman A. Chrisman      

1979     A. Bailey Ryan    

1979     Harley B. Fisk    

1980    Jim Bruce            

1980    Douglas W. McLoney      

1981     Raymond B. Hayes          

1981     Lawrence J. Leis 1981

1985    Elizabeth M. Atinay        

1986     Samuel H. Halley III        

1988     Charles B. Chrisman, Jr.

1989     L. Wayne Tune  

1989     William R. Rinehart        

1990     H. Gibbs Reese  

1990     Lee R. Bagley      

1991      Stephen A. Wiser            

1992     J. Richard Kremer            

1993     Clyde R. Carpenter    

1993     Lawrence P. Melillo        

1994     H. Carleton Godsey , Jr.

1995     Duane K. Culp    

1996     Edward L. Cooke, III        

1997     Otmer A. Alexander        

1998     Charles P. Graves            

1999     Steven A. Eggers              

2000    Roger L. Adkins

2001     Dale R. Curth    

2002    J. Russell Groves              

2002    David R. Proffitt

2003     Thomas G. Fernandez    

2004     Joseph E. Jones

2004     David Mohney  

2005     Steven S. Goldstein        

2005     William C. Hub  

2005     Harold R. Tate    

2006     J. David Carter  

2006     Arnold M. Judd, Jr.          

2007     W. Daniel Church            

2008     Louis Ryan Hugg, Jr.        

2008     Scott E. Kremer

2008     Martha R. Tarrant            

2009     Steven A. Eggers              

2009     Thomas E. Lett III              

2010     Christopher Fuller            

2010     Jack C. Stewart  

2011      Krisia M. Rosa    

2011      Eric P. Steva

2012     Alvin J. Cox

2012     Wayne M. Meyer            

2013     Richard Polk, Jr.

2014     Steven S. Goldstein        

2015     G. Anthony Kleyer          

2016     Harold T. Snider

2017     Joseph T. Schwab

2018     Jeffrey C. Stivers

2019     Ben D. Barlage

2019     Charles C. Cash

Emerging Professional Award

To recognize an individual Associate AIA member or an AIA Architect member who has been registered 10 years or less who exemplifies the highest qualities of leadership and who has demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to their AIA component or region, to the design and construction industry, to the community, and/or to other professional organizations.


2010     Daniel O. Ware  

2011      Stephen E. Gravatte        

2012     Jonothan C. "Chris" Bowling        

2013     Jean-Paul G. Grivas          

2014     Anna J. Lask      

2015     Andrew H. Owens            

2015     Portia M. Shields              

2016     Nathanial E. Hocker      

2018     Craig Chamberlain

2019     Bradley A. Beatty

J. Russell Groves Citizens Laureate Award

To honor an individual and advocate who consistently, through leadership, service and dedication to a better living environment, has openly supported and encouraged the values of quality architecture.


1984     Wendell H. Cherry          

1985     John R. Gaines  

1986     Tom Simons      

1987     Helen Abell        

1987     Barry & Mary Bingham  

1989     Sen. David K. Karem      

1990     Mayor Jerry Abramson  

1991     The Triangle Foundation              

1992     Rep. Marshall Long          

1993     Esther Johnson

1994     Richard S. DeCamp      

1995     Dr. Donald C. Swain        

1996     Laura Long      

1997     David A. Jones  

1998     David L. Armstrong          

1999     Christina & Owsley Brown, II      

2000    Susan M. Cabot

2001     Dr. Joseph J. McGowan

2002     Crit Luallen      

2002     Hank Wagner    

2003     Tom Monahan  

2004     Edith S. Bingham              

2004     Thomas Guidugli              

2005     Steve Wilson      

2005     Laura Lee Brown              

2006     Dr. James C. Votruba      

2008     John I. “Jack” Trawick    

2008     Michael J. Hammons      

2009     State Representative Rocky Adkins          

2009     Sherry Hempfling            

2010     Sherry Carran    

2010     Holly Wiedemann            

2011     W. Thomas Eblen            

2012     Patricia A. Clare

2013     Augusta Brown & John Gill Holland, Jr.    

2013     Beth Johnson    

2014     Kentucky Educational Television

2015     Louisville Division of Fire              

2015     State Representatives Jim DeCesare and Mary Lou Marzian    

2017     Branden Klayko      

2019     Matthew Frazure

Honorary Membership

To honor an individual who, with unselfish energy and support, has actively promoted quality architecture and has made a significant contribution to forwarding the goals of AIA Kentucky.


1980     Darryl R. Callahan            

1984     S. Gwathmey Tyler          

1985     Anthony Eardley              

1985     Henry G. Meier

1986     Grady Clay          

1988     Robert Brooks  

1989     Dr. Patrick Snadon          

1990     Janet D. Pike      

1991      Jack Traywick    

1992     Ann S. Hassett  

1992     Jack C. Blanton  

1993    Tom Owen        

1995     Charles S. Sturgill, Sr.      

1996     Rose Lucas        

1996     Patrick Lucas      

1997     C. Michael Busick            

1998     Gregory J. Brotzge          

1999     Jerry Abramson

2000    Larry Owsley      

2000    Charles A. Cotton III      

2001     Peter Morrin    

2003     David L. Armstrong          

2004     Al and Mary Shands        

2005    Barry Alberts      

2006    Stanley Collyer  

2007     Carol Hensley    

2008     Bill Johnston      

2009     William Blair Scott, Jr.    

2010     Diane Heilenman            

2011      John D. Kelly      

2012     David K. Karem

2013     Amanda Schoonover    

2017     Greg Buccola

2018     Sheldon Shafer

Allied Professional

To pay tribute to those directly involved in the A/E/C industry who have constantly endeavored to work harmoniously with architects and other allied professionals toward the implementation of creative and innovative design solutions.


1984     Robert P. Myers              

1984     Trefzger's, Inc.  

1985     Carolyn Sue Partin          

1985     Staggs & Fisher

1986     James B. Evans  

1987     Kentuckiana Masonry Institute  

1988     Buford R. Burchfield        

1989     Ed Penna III        

1990     Stanley Schultze              

1991     John D. Scruggs

1992    Architectural Glass Art  

1994    Louisville Chapter, Construction Specifications Institute  

1995    R. Kenneth Cox II              

1996    Roger Teague    

1997    Don Meredith  

1998    Rich Russell        

1998     Lynn Blue Print & Supply Co.      

1999     Russell Segraves              

2000    Steven A. Spalding          

2001     Jack C. Rhody    

2002     Akins Company, Inc.        

2003     Southbank Partners        

2004     Mark W. Ryles  

2005     Kenneth L Dietz

2006     Darlene Gardner              

2007     Ronald L. Carmicle          

2008     William K. “Bill” Howard                

2009     Gary D. Meeker

2010     Andy Middleton              

2011     Senler, Campbell & Associates    

2012     George Mann    

2013     Pat Sloan            

2014     Louisville Chapter, Construction Specifications Institute  

2015     Jim Mims, Develop Louisville      

2016     Scot Walters, Kentucky Heritage Council  

2017     Chris Tyler      

2018     Emily Ahouse    

2019     Warren E. Denny

Public Advocate Award (Established in 2016)

To honor an individual and advocate who in their elected or appointed public position has consistently supported and encouraged the values of quality architecture in their community through leadership, service and dedication to a better living environment.


2016     State Representative Rick Rand, Kentucky General Assembly  

2018     Senator Julie Raque Adams, Kentucky General Assembly

2019     Senator Max Wise, Kentucky General Assembly

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