The Safety Assessment Program

Learn how to assess buildings for safety after a disaster

When a disaster strikes, one of the first tasks for a community is to determine whether the buildings are safe for habitation. Trouble is, the structures that must be examined often greatly outnumber the quantity of trained city inspectors.

The AIA Safety Assessment Program (SAP) Training has an answer: It provides architects, engineers, building officials, and inspectors with the knowledge and protocol to evaluate homes, buildings, and infrastructure in the aftermath of a disaster. This professional expertise is provided as a volunteer service and is based on the State of California’s training program. It has benefited numerous communities, resulting in thousands of safety evaluations and saving municipalities millions of dollars.

The Safety Assessment Program Training is a technical training program that includes Applied Technology Council ATC-20 Post-earthquake Safety Evaluation of Buildings and ATC-45 Safety Evaluation of Buildings after Wind Storms and Floods. The SAP reference sheet provides information on how to organize and host an AIA SAP training.

Are you a licensed SAP evaluator? Keep your certification up to date with this refresher course.

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