Building industry statement on resilience

“Resilient design places architects at the center of the solution, with particular emphasis on the private, non-governmental sectors. I would like to congratulate my fellow leaders in the design and construction sector for joining together to make sure resiliency is not viewed as just a fad but remains front and center in our efforts moving forward.” - AIA EVP/CEO Robert Ivy, FAIA

Committing to Resilience

Building industry leaders and CEOs, along with the AIA, issued a joint statement on resilience.

Leaders of America’s design and construction industry – along with building owners and operators - have agreed to promote resilience in contemporary planning, building materials, design, construction and operational techniques to make the nation’s communities more safe and secure.  “We recognize that natural and manmade hazards pose an increasing threat to the safety of the public and the vitality of our nation,” reads the statement.

CEOs of more than two-dozen leading design and construction industry associations with more than 700,000 members generating almost $1 trillion in GDP issued a joint statement on resilience, co-authored by the AIA and the National Institute of Building Sciences, entitled: Industry Statement on Resilience.

The CEOs committed their design and construction sector organizations to significantly improve the resilience of the nation’s built environment through research into new materials, construction procedures and other methods to improve the standard of practice. They also committed to continuous learning; advocating for effective land use policies; responding to disasters alongside first responders; and planning for future events with a strategy for fast recovery.

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